We Still Have Him, And He's Still Awesome

May 31, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Bob Uecker attends the MLB game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger Stadium. Photo: Image by USA TODAY Sports

We Still Have Him, And He's Still Awesome

By Gene Mueller. CREATED Jan 30, 2014


Bob Uecker warmed up the airwaves Thursday morning, joining us to talk up Brewers baseball on Wisconsin's Morning News while also letting fans know that he may not be making every road trip this upcoming season.






More is always better, but Bob's announcement is a gentle reminder that we still have one the all time greats calling Brewers games, that Mr. Baseball is still ours and ours alone.

2014 marks Bob's 44th year at the mike, having come aboard with Merle Harmon and Tom Collins as the Brewers were trying to get local traction.  Fans were still angry about the Braves leaving Milwaukee and there were tons of fences to mend.  Some didn't buy into the club right away, favoring National League ball over American.   Plus, there was the fact the Brewers, to put it politely, weren't very good at baseball.  They had George Scott, Johnny Briggs, Skip Lockwood and not a whole lot else.  Merle, Tom and Bob had to sell a lot of sizzle and with Uecker's combo platter of baseball smarts, self-depreciation and wild sense of humor it was radio that helped Milwaukee and Wisconsin warm up to the club.  By the late 70's the Brewers were A-L contenders and Bob was in for the long haul, from Bambi's Bombers to Ron Roenicke.  

Success is fun to be a part of but Uke can make even the most insufferable loss easier on the ears with stories, tangents, and a unique take that turns what could be three hours of audio dread into the soundtrack of a Wisconsin summer.  That can't be taught.  That's a talent.  That's Bob Uecker.

Sure, it would be great to have Uecker there 162 games and hopefully beyond this upcoming  season but let's not bemoan that which we may not have--let's celebrate what we get: Mr. Baseball, ours all ours and nobody else's.  Savor those games when he's at the mike with Joe Block, and relish each and every home run call.

Thanks for a 44 year long ride, Mr. Baseball, and here's to another season taken at a pace of your personal choosing.  


Gene Mueller

Gene Mueller

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