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Louis CK And "The Year's Most Brutally Honest Seven Minutes Of Television"

Louis CK And "The Year's Most Brutally Honest Seven Minutes Of Television"

By Gene Mueller. CREATED May 14, 2014


Louis CK is a lot of things: comedian, actor, on-again/off-again sitcom star.

He's also proving to be a social conscience, a guy willing to use his various outlets to hold up the proverbial mirror and allow us to take a long, hard and often uncomfortable look at ourselves.

So it went the other night on his FX series and an episode entitled "So Did The Fat Girl".  It contains what Forbes magazine calls "the year's most brually honest seven minues of television."

In the show, Louie plays himself--a standup comedian.  A waitress at the club--an admitted "fat girl"--keeps asking him for a date but he defers until finally agreeing to to out for coffee.  What happens next is the ultimate "elephant in the room" moment and some chat that's going to make many a man feel very uneasy.  It's also going to make any woman who's not a size 0 Vogue model nod her head in support.



Critics are hailing both folks in the scene--actress Sarah Baker for her portrayal and Louis CK for having the stones to write the scene and play the jerk we see in it.  He does that--he's willing to be the bad guy to show us what's wrong in all of us, those subtle things that keep us from being the best people we can be.  He seems to do it over and over--sometimes on stage, occasionally on TV.

Louis CK is funny.  He's even more incredible when he's honest, even in uncomfortable seven minute bursts.


Gene Mueller

Gene Mueller

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