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Local Student Invents "Keurig for Cats"

Jonathan Geissler believes he has the perfect solution for cat owners who want to leave home for a few days and not worry about feeding their pet. Geissler designed an automatic pet feeder, and he received a $25,000 grant from the University of Wisconsin Extension to commercialize his design. Photo: Image by Photo by Rachel Geissler

Local Student Invents "Keurig for Cats"

By WTMJ Staff. CREATED Jul 21, 2014

 Pets come with a lot of fun...but they also bring a lot of responsibility.  A UW-Platteville student is making cat ownership just a little bit easier with his automatic cat feeder.  Jonathon Geissler joins Gene Mueller on Wisconsin's Morning News to fill him in on the specifics of his invention and let him know when we can expect to see prototypes of his self-proclaimed "keurig of cat food."