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I'm In The Brewers' "Happy" Video--I Think

I'm In The Brewers' "Happy" Video--I Think

By Gene Mueller. CREATED Apr 11, 2014

...at least, I think my right hand is.

It was Opening Day, and my job obligations were over at Miller Park.  I called in a report as the gates opened for the first time this season, then headed to my usual pre-game perch: the bar behind home plate on the Club Level.  I was savoring the first freshly tapped beer of the 2014 campaign when a camera crew showed up and rolled video on one of the bartenders who flashed a few brief, impromptu dance steps as he was egged on by patrons and cohorts.

That bartender plus most of the Brewers organization and a good chunk of the current roster are in the "Happy" video the team released Wednesday.  And, if you get to the 2:36 mark where my friend is busting his moves, you might see me on the left edge of the screen.

Or, what might be my right hand. I think. That's where I was sitting, anyway, chatting with a fan and her dad.  Then again, I'm not good at this stuff.  I originally thought it I saw Greg Matzek, too, when it turns out being Joe Block.  Cut me some slack--I was watching on my cell phone screen.

See who you recognize--it's really well done--and try to spot my hand at the appointed moment. Then again, it might not be mine.

It's not holding a beer.




Gene Mueller

Gene Mueller

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