Who Will Be The Last Duck Standing?

Jeff Wagner

Who Will Be The Last Duck Standing?

CREATED Dec. 20, 2013

 I've often heard it said that no matter how well you think life is going for you, you need to remember that things can go very bad in a matter of moments.  That's why you should never forget to duck.

I'm sure that executives at the A&E network thought that they would be applauded for their decision to suspend Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty following his extremely non-PC comments about homosexuality.

However, I'm not sure they anticipated the backlash they're getting from their audience.  I'm also not sure they anticipated that the rest of the family would choose not to continue the show without Phil (although they certainly should have).

So what does A&E do now?  Maintain the suspension?  Cancel the show?  Let the Robertsons take the most popluar show currently on cable television and move it to another network that might be a more tolerant of Phil's beliefs?

Or swallow their pride and invite Phil back?

We'll discuss the issue during the 12 p.m. hour of today's show.  Please feel free to leave a Comment and be sure to check back later to hear a replay of the segment.