Where In The World Is Todd Hicks?

Where In The World Is Todd Hicks?

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Jan 23, 2014

 It certainly won't rival the old "Hi Bob" drinking game that college kids used to play, but I think it's still kind of fun.

Shortly after 3:30 every weekday, I appear in a segment on Today's TMJ 4 called "What's Hot". While all the other participants are in the actual television studio, I'm located at a remote camera position in the newsroom.  Since it's a newsroom staffed with hard working reporters, producers and photographers, there are always people walking behind me while I'm on camera.

A few weeks ago, my friend and colleague from Today's TMJ 4 Todd Hicks was moved to the desk immediately behind the remote camera position in the newsroom.  As a result, when I'm on camera - and Todd is sitting at his desk - my body is the only thing blocking viewers from being able to see Todd's head.

I've discovered that if Todd either leans forward or sits back (or I move slightly one way or the other), Todd suddenly pops into camera view.  Kind of like a live television version of  "Where's Waldo".

Now Todd, being the outstanding reporter and consummate professional that he is (and I mean that sincerely), doesn't want to be in the background of someone else's "shot".  Me being me, I think it's kind of funny.

As a matter of fact, I'm going to recommend to our Promotions staff that we start a viewer contest. We could have Todd wear a different color ski cap every day and give prizes to the first five viewers who identify the color of the day.  I'm sure the Promotions folks will tell me to stick with being a pundit and leave the contests to them.

Anyway, next time you're watching "What's Hot" on "Live at 3:30", be sure to pay close attention to the background.  You never know who might pop up.  

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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