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Want To Watch The NFL Playoffs, Prepare To Pay!

Want To Watch The NFL Playoffs, Prepare To Pay!

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Apr 23, 2014

For the first time ever, an NFL playoff game will be carried exclusively on ESPN.  In other words, if you don't have cable or satellite or some other pay tv service that gets ESPN, you won't be able to watch a wild card game during the first week of the NFL playoffs in early January.

The migration to cable has been coming for quite a while now.  

For the last few years, Thursday night football games were carried exclusively on the NFL Network (which required a cable or satellite provider).  For the last several years, lots of NCAA Tournament basketball games were broadcast exclusively on pay tv. The Golf Channel is the exclusive provider for certain golf tournaments that used to be available on broadcast networks.

But these are the NFL playoffs.

Should the NFL be required to make its product available over the public airwaves?  Will this be a bigger deal if (and when) more playoff games migrate to pay tv in the future?  Is this just the "ghost of Christmas Future" and something that people need to get used to?

We'll discuss the question during the 1 p.m. hour of Wednesday's radio show.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section - and be sure to check back later to hear a replay of the segment.

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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