Stay Classy Christine

Jeff Wagner

Stay Classy Christine

CREATED Jan. 22, 2014

In many respects, Milwaukee Democrat Christine Sinicki is, to put it mildly, a financial trainwreck. Sinicki, who filed for bankruptcy protection last year, has been sued often over the years by creditors. Amazingly, Sinicki who can't seem to manage her own finances, continues to vote on how taxpayer dollars should be spent.

Anyway, Sinicki is back in the news again - and not in a good way.

While attending the State of the State Address, Sinicki felt compelled to take to social media and share her thoughts about the Governor's speech.  Needless to say, "classy" would not be a way to describe Sinicki's comments.  So much for setting a tone of mutual respect.

In particular, Sinicki seems to believe that the Governor's policies are kicking the poor and middle class "in the butt".  Kind of like kicking creditors in the rear end by not paying them what you owe, I suppose?

Stay classy Christine.