He Says That The Asians Made Him Do It

Jeff Wagner

He Says That The Asians Made Him Do It

CREATED Feb. 19, 2014

I'm sorry but I can't help thinking back to the scene in "Back to the Future" where Doc screams to Marty: "It's the Libyans".

Salah Salahadyn has been charged with being the guy responsible for the theft of the priceless violin from the concertmaster at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.  In a truly bizarre interview with my colleague from Today's TMJ4  Michele Fiore, Jones doesn't exactly admit to committing the robbery. He does however imply that IF he did it however, it was because he was forced to do so by an unknown Asian gang!

This is, by the way, the same guy who was involved in trying to sell a stolen sculpture back to its owner 20 years ago when he called himself  Jones.  I wonder if the Asians made him to that too?

During the 12 p.m. hour of Wednesday's radio show, we'll discuss whether you buy what Salahadyn iis now trying to sell?

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