But Officer, The Kid Was Hungry

But Officer, The Kid Was Hungry

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Mar 27, 2014

I have a very close friend who is currently pregnant with her fourth child. 

Once when she was obviously pregnant with her third child, she and her husband together with my wife and I, went out to a very nice place for dinner.  My friend ordered a glass of wine with her meal. Not a bottle of wine.  Not six glasses of wine.  A glass of wine!

You can't imagine the looks of disapproval our table got from some patrons.

During her current pregnancy, I have seen her occasionally order a glass of beer with her meal.  Oh the horror.

I was thinking about this as I read about the woman from Toad Suck, Arkansas (no kidding) who was arrested for breast feeding her child after having had a couple of drinks.  In the minds of some, this constitutes child endangerment.  I guess the argument is that since you wouldn't give an infant a shot of Jack Daniels, a woman should not breast feed after having ingested alcohol herself. 

Here's a link to an interview with the woman in question.

We'll talk about this during the 12 p.m. hour of Thursday's radio show.  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section - and be sure to check back later to hear a replay of the segment.

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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