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Are We Officially Weather Weenies?

Are We Officially Weather Weenies?

By Jeff Wagner. CREATED Jan 4, 2014

Saturday morning, I ran into the grocery store to buy some beer and snacks for my Packers game watching.  While making my purchases, I was stunned to see people buying large quantities of staples like bread and milk.  When I asked the cashier what was going on, she simply said "it's going to be cold".

Yes, it will be cold.  Starting Sunday afternoon, it's going to get nasty.  Monday looks particularly bad and Tuesday (while warmer) will still be extremely cold.  Temperatures start to moderate on Wednesday and should be comparatively balmy by Friday.  In other words, we're looking at a relatively brief snap of bitterly cold weather.

I understand caling off school on Monday.  I don't understand businesses closing (unless the workers are outside for lengthy periods of time).  I certainly don't understand people making a run on the grocery stores.

I admit that I don't care for cold weather.  I'm the guy who passed up tickets to the Packers game on Sunday because I didn't want to sit outside for four hours in sub-zero weather.  Still, that's a decision based on personal comfort - nothing more.

So, have we become weather weenies?  Do we unnecessarily panic at harsh but not unheard of weather events?  It is Wisconsin after all - and it does get cold during winter.

We'll talk about whether we overreact to the weather during the noon hour of Monday's radio program. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section - and then check back later to hear a replay of the broadcast. 

Jeff Wagner

Jeff Wagner

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