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Old Protesters Never Die, They Just ... Climb Trees?


Old Protesters Never Die, They Just ... Climb Trees?

CREATED May 16, 2013

Like old soldiers, old protesters never die.  Unlike old soldiers however, they don't fade away ... they climb trees.

Without question, the face of last year's failed effort to recall Governor Walker became a woman named Thistle Pettersen. 

Remember Thistle?  She was the somewhat spaced-out gal who was outraged that CNN had called the results of the recall election before all votes were counted.

So, what becomes of people like Thistle after the election season ends?  Do they go on to try to find a cure for cancer?  Do they go to law school? Do they try to  invent a better casserole? Do they stake out a new career as the star of a cable television reality show?

In other words, do they get a life?

In the case of Thistle, you learn how to climb trees!

This weekend, a rag-tag band of protesters is planning "a workshop" in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest.  The purpose of the workshop is to learn "peaceful resistance techniques" in anticipation of protests at the proposed Gogebic mine.  Workshops include "anti-oppression training" (whatever that may be), "direct action training" and blockades.


My favorite part of this story though involves young Thistle, an organizer of this little adventure.  According to Thistle, "protesters expect to learn techniques for tree climbing so activists could prevent a mining company from doing advance work at the mine site".

Why do I suspect that this isn't the first time someone has told Thistle to go climb a tree?

At least now, she'll be trained on how do do so.