CREATED Apr. 11, 2013

It just keeps getting worse for Charlie Brown.

Following his arrest in January, it didn't appear that life had been working out too well for Peter Robbins, the guy who was the voice of Charlie Brown in 1965's "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and 1966's "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown".

For those hoping that Charlie would finally kick the football before Lucy pulled it away ... sorry.

Yesterday, Robbins entered guilty pleas to charges that he threatened and stalked both his ex-girlfriend and a plastic surgeon who gave her a breast enhancement he paid for (!). Prosecutors say that he called his former girlfriend dozens of times a day and said that he would kill her and her son if she didn't give back his dog and car.

Ouch. And you think your life is messed up?

Next thing we'll hear is that the kid who played "Ralphie" in "A Christmas Story" has grown up to be a heroin addict. Actually, that's not true - "Ralphie" is doing quite well (and he still sort of looks the same) ...

Anyway, Robbins is looking at up to three years in the old cross bar hotel when he's sentenced next month.