Will Tom's Trolley Folly Make Milwaukee More Dangerous?


Will Tom's Trolley Folly Make Milwaukee More Dangerous?

CREATED Apr 5, 2013

Most thinking people recognize that Tom Barrett's proposed 2.1 streetcar line is a boondoggle of epic proportion. 

What they might not realize though is that it could be hazardous to their health - especially if they are bicyclists! 

Angel Welch suffered a traumatic brain injury last August when she crashed her bicycle into newly installed streetcar tracks in Tucson. She is now permanently disabled, has already racked up $450,000 in medical bills and is suing the City for $3 million.

As it turns out, while Ms. Welch has the most severe injury, tens of other bicyclists have already been injured while trying to navigate the tracks.  The City has responded by putting up warning signs - which are a popular target for thieves.

Wonderful.  A huge waste of money that makes the streets more dangerous.

Way to go, Mayor Barrett!