Ed Flynn - Attack Dog And Lap Dog


Ed Flynn - Attack Dog And Lap Dog

CREATED Apr. 4, 2013

Does Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn really need the job so badly?  I mean, has he no sense of shame?

For the last several months, Flynn has been criticized for a number of alleged failings.  In what a believe is a transparent and heavy-handed effort to keep his job, Flynn has chosen to become the political front guy for his patron Tom Barrett.  After all, if Flynn loses the support of the Mayor, he'll be on the first bus out of town - contract or no contract.

As a result, we've recently seen Flynn staging a variety of press events designed to bolster Tom Barrett.   These have included a pro-gun control show-and-tell with seized firearms (that had nothing to do with Barrett's gun control proposals) and a gratuitous attack on Sheriff David Clarke after Clarke went toe-to-toe with Barrett.

Now comes "Flynn on residency".

Tom Barrett and other Milwaukee elected officials apparently believe that Milwaukee under Barrett's leadership has become such a terrible place to live that public employees will flee in droves if not forced to live within city limits as a condition of retaining their jobs.   I don't necessarily agree with this assessment - but Barrett obviously does.  Think about what it says about how the Mayor views his city?

In any event, Flynn - again trying to offer cover for the Mayor - has decided to weigh in on the issue.  Not content however to merely argue policy, Flynn has decided to be both Barrett's attack dog and lap dog.   

According to Flynn, the move to eliminate residency rules isn't based on offering choices to employees.  Instead, it's all about politics and retribution by Governor Walker.

Flynn says he's not worried about losing good officers.  Instead he says, "It's foolish to impose this on Milwaukee.  There are other ways to pay back the major for having the temerity to run for governor.  You don't have to attack the viability of your central city."

For goodness sakes.

First, having Tom Barrett run against him was one of the best things that could have happened to Scott Walker.  Who knows how the recall race might have turned out if a stronger candidate than Barrett had run?

Second, it's getting embarrassing to see Flynn's mouth move and Barrett's words come out.  Seriously, can't Barrett fight his own battles?  Can't Flynn just concentrate on doing his job?

Which raises the most important point.  Specifically, why doesn't Flynn concentrate on doing his job and improving the quality of life in Milwaukee? 

Frankly, assuming that some public employees would bail on Milwaukee if given the option, there would be three major reasons: poor schools, high taxes and high crime.  I don't expect the Police Chief to deal with schools or taxes - but crime occurs on his watch. 

In other words Chief Flynn, do your job - and perhaps the issue of residency would become moot! 

Be a crime dog - not an attack dog and certainly not a lap dog.