A Sheriff Goes ROAD


A Sheriff Goes ROAD

CREATED Feb. 25, 2013

In the military, they call it "going ROAD".  That is, "retiring on active duty" - and it happens with old timers hanging out and waiting to collect pensions.  It happens a lot with teachers and the occasional judge  too.

It doesn't happen too often with people who head law enforcement agencies though.  Usually, there's too much work to be done for police chiefs or sheriffs to retire on the job.  Unless you work in Wausau that is.

It turns out that the Marathon County Sheriff Randy Hoenisch, a Democrat, has raised retiring on active duty to an art form.  According to the Wausau newspaper, Hoenisch has been in the office for a mere 21 hours (less than 3 days) over the last six months!  This includes only 1.75 hours at work for the first two months of 2013!

For his part, Hoenisch implies that he's actually been at work a bit more than the records suggest - but doesn't challenge the basic accuracy of the story.  Namely, Randy has gone ROAD.

Hoenisch has not been fighting a serious illness.  Rather, he appears to have largely withdrawn from public service following the investigation and subsequent conviction of his wife (a former Marathon County probation and parole officer) for misconduct in public office.  

I'm sure that family matters have played a role in Hoenisch becoming an absentee Sheriff.  Still, it shouldn't have come to this point.  If you're going to stop showing up for work, the taxpayers shouldn't continue to pay you for six months.

Now that his absenteeism has been exposed, Hoenisch says he will be retiring in the very near future. Actually he retired a long while ago.  Now he'll just stop collecting paychecks.

It's unfortunate that it had to come to this - but Hoenisch brought it on himself.  The job is simply to important to allow someone to go ROAD.

Speaking of which, remember all the heavy breathing over the trumped up story that Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was attending a Master's class in California sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security?  Does anybody think that Clarke would have been able to essentially vanish for six months without the media noticing?  Fat chance.