Every Vote Really Does Count - Just Ask Adam Neylon


Every Vote Really Does Count - Just Ask Adam Neylon

CREATED Feb. 20, 2013

I really hope people believed me over the past few days when I said that, in low turnout primaries, every vote really does matter.

Just ask Adam Neylon and Ed Baumann, two of five candidates running as Republicans for the 98th Assembly District in yesterday's election.  According to the unofficial canvass, Neylon beat Baumann by 30 votes out of a little over 5200 votes cast.  Percentage-wise, the total was about 38.3% to 37.8%.

Since there is not a Democrat running in that District, Neylon will take office after the April general election (barring the extremely unlikely event of a successful write-in campaign by some other candidate).

Congratulations to Neylon.  What a tough beat for Baumann.

If just 16 people had voted for Baumann instead of Neylon, the results would have been different.  If 31 additional voters had voted for Baumann (or voted for Baumann instead of one of the three lower vote getters), the result would have been different. 

It didn't happen that way though and Neylon wins!  Talk about the difference a few votes make.

The last contested Republican Primary race in that  District was in 2010 when now-State Senator Paul Farrow beat his opponent with almost 7400 votes out of about 12,200 cast.  That election was a regularly scheduled September Primary and featured the GOP race for Governor between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann at the top of the ticket. It's therefore not too surprising that the last contested Primary election in that District drew a much larger turnout.

Still, in races this close, losing candidates have to be asking themselves "What could I have done to get just a few more votes?"

And winning candidates have to really be appreciating the old adage that "every vote counts".

As an aside, the big loser in this race was longtime GOP Activist Jeanne Tarantino, the early favorite whose campaign absolutely imploded. Tarantino was a distant third with 773 votes.