The Milwaukee Common Council Should Be Careful What It Wishes For


The Milwaukee Common Council Should Be Careful What It Wishes For

CREATED Feb. 7, 2013

I'm sure that Mayor Tom Barrett was the most surprised guy in Milwaukee after the Common Council declined to approve Ann Wilson for a spot on the Fire and Police Commission.

On paper, Wilson would seem to be the perfect candidate for the Common Council.  After all, what could have been more appealing than a liberal African-American female community activist with a history of some family contact with police? 

Nevertheless she was rejected because some members of the Common Council wanted the Mayor to be more "open" in the process - including giving community groups more involvement.

So what "community groups" want more involvement in the process?  The list includes: the ACLU; the ARACOPA Coalition for Social Justice; MICAH; Milwaukee Matters; the National Lawyers Guild; the Milwaukee Justice and Peace Coalition; Peace Action Wisconsin; Urban Underground; and Voces de la Frontera.

In other words, a "who's who" of the activist Left in Milwaukee.

Take it from me, the absolute last thing the crime-plagued City of Milwaukee needs is for groups like this to have significant input in the selection of the people who will supervise and set policy for the Milwaukee Police Department. 

Barrett has re-nominated Wilson - and I take no position on whether or not she is the most qualified candidate that he could have chosen. The few conservative aldermen who originally balked at this appointment should be careful though.  The "openess" that some are pushing for is unlikely to lead to anything close to what could be described as a "law and order" selection.

And that would not be good for Milwaukee - at least the law-abiding citizens of Milwaukee.