A Tale Of Two Headlines


A Tale Of Two Headlines

CREATED Jan. 31, 2013

What a difference a headline (and the bias of a headline writer) makes.

Today, Governor Walker made his current campaign finance report public.  The headline on the Milwaukee Journal web site reads "Gov. Walker's campaign fund drops by $800,000". 

In contrast, the headline in the Wisconsin State Journal reads: "Scott Walker raises nearly $474,000 in last half of 2012". 

Think the headline writer for the Journal Sentinel might have an agenda?

Here's the truth.

It is absolutely amazing to me that Walker was able to raise $474,000 in the last six months of 2012.  Walker is not up for re-election for over two years yet still raised a ton of money at the same time candidates were raising money for 2012 Presidential, Senate and Congressional races - not to mention State Senate and Assembly races.  In fact, Walker spent a lot of the last six months of 2012 raising money for those GOP candidates instead of himself.

And still he brought in $474,000!

When all is said and done, Walker might end up being the most powerful political fund raising force in Wisconsin history.  With the 2012 elections behind us and November of 2014 coming up, Walker will perhaps be the most formidable fund raiser in the country (despite the fact that not even any D-List Wisconsin Democrats are lining up to take him on).

So, yes, Mr. Headline Writer for the local newspaper, Governor Walker's campaign fund dropped by $800,000 after paying bills from the epic fail of an effort to recall him.  At the same time though, Walker also raised almost $500,000 (which might be a record for any Wisconsin Governor for a similar period of time two years before an election). 

It's a tale of two headlines.  Draw your own conclusions about the significance of the respective numbers - and the agenda of those who write the headlines..