Drunken Baby Crushers - And Those Who Enable Them


Drunken Baby Crushers - And Those Who Enable Them

CREATED Jan. 30, 2013

Three weeks ago, a one week old baby died in Milwaukee's first drunken baby crushing incident of 2013.  "Drunken baby crushing" is, of course, not referred to as such.  Instead we euphemistically call situations like this "co-sleeping deaths".  I guess people think it sounds nicer. 

The truth though is that there's nothing nice about defenseless infants dying in this fashion.  And it's well past time to stop enabling this practice.

In the latest case, the mother allegedly spent a good portion of the time before the baby's death drinking and popping pain pills.  When the baby started crying, the father gave the child to the mother to feed.  The father subsequently found the child crushed between his mother and the back of a couch.  For her part, the mother apparently doesn't even remember the father giving her the child.

As an aside, what could the father have been thinking in giving the child to the mother under these circumstances?

As far as I know, the toxicology reports on the mother haven't been made public yet.  It doesn't really matter though.  Even if it turns out that mom had enough alcohol and/or opiates in her system to tranquilize an elephant, it won't change anything.

You see, in Milwaukee, we don't punish parents who kill their children or caregivers who kill their charges.

If you get drunk or high, load your child into a car and then drive into a pole, you will be held accountable.  Yet in Milwaukee, some public officials like the Mayor see drunken baby crushing as a matter of "education" not criminal prosecution. 

Education?  Like what?  A public service campaign designed to encourage people not to get drunk and smother their kids?

Obviously, criminal charges are not appropriate every time there is an accidental death of an infant.  In Milwaukee though, the powers that be (with a couple of exceptions) seem to think that criminal charges are never appropriate. 

In fairness, on those extremely rare occasions where the DA's Office does try to hold killers accountable, it's not like extremely long prison sentences are forthcoming.

I understand that it is the height of political incorrectness to suggest that there should be consequences for taking the life of a child through reckless behavior.  At the same time, the politically correct approach doesn't seem to be working out too well.

So how many more children will have to die before we start demanding some accountability?  Yes, even accountability for drunken baby crushers.

What a novel concept.