Holder Teams With Van Hollen To Kill 100 Wisconsin Jobs


Holder Teams With Van Hollen To Kill 100 Wisconsin Jobs

CREATED Jan 7, 2013

This one had disaster written all over it from the beginning.

Back in 2009 Dallas-based Dean Foods (one of the nation's largest producers of milk) made arrangements to purchase two milk plants from Foremost Farms USA.  One plant was in Waukesha, one was in DePere.  The plan was for Dean Foods to continue to produce and market milk from the Waukesha plant under the Golden Guernsey brand.

As soon as the deal was announced, under-employed attorneys working for US Attorney General Eric Holder swooped in - followed shortly thereafter by Wisconsin Attorney General JB Van Hollen. According to Van Hollen, the deal would have given Dean Foods too much control over milk sales in Wisconsin and would have, at least in theory, allowed Dean Foods to quash competition and ultimately drive up prices.

After spending a bunch of money in legal fees to fight the lawsuit, Dean Foods finally capitulated and settled the suit by selling the Waukesha plant to a Los Angeles-based investment firm.  As a result, instead of the local facility being run by the industry leader, it would now be run by money managers in California. 

Gee, who could have guessed that this wouldn't end well for anyone?

Apparently not Republican JB Van Hollen or Democrat Eric Holder.

On Saturday, the Waukesha Golden Guernsey plant suddenly shut down  leaving approximately 100 workers without jobs.  On top of that, since many area schools relied on the Waukesha Golden Guernsey plant for milk, there will be some temporary supply problems.  This could also be crippling for some of the distributors who relied on the plant for their milk.

In what might be the ultimate irony, I wouldn't be surprised if some of those distributors end up going back and getting their milk from Dean Foods - except now at higher cost because of increased transportation costs.

I'm sure that attorneys at both the Wisconsin Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Justice were patting themselves on the back after forcing Dean Foods to sell the Waukesha plant in the name of looking out for consumers.  After costing at least 100 people their jobs, I wonder if they feel the same way today?

What's the old saying, "We're from the government and we're here to help you"! 

Certainly not this time, thank you very much Mr. Van Hollen and Mr. Holder!.