Yes, Tony Dungy Really Did Pick The Vikings To Win


Yes, Tony Dungy Really Did Pick The Vikings To Win

CREATED Jan. 6, 2013

Okay, at least now I don't feel so bad about predicting that Mitt Romney would carry Ohio and Florida.  

During the NBC pre-game show before yesterday's Packers-Vikings game, studio analyst Tony Dungy actually picked the Vikings to win the game!  Amazingly, this prediction was made after it was announced that the Vikings starting quarterback was out.  In his comments, Dungy seemed to suggest that playing a quarterback who had not thrown a pass during a regular season game might actually be an advantage for the Vikings.

Right - and Elliot Spitzer would still be Governor of New York if he had only gone for the even higher priced hookers.

In other words, not happening.

Tony Dungy is a really good guy who has accomplished a lot in and out of football. I also know that he has strong ties to Minnesota and was obviously picking with his heart not his head (something I certainly understand).

Still, the Vikings over the Packers at Lambeau with Christian Ponder out?  Sounds like at least 24-10 Packers to me!

On the plus side though, at least Dungy didn't decide to have a discussion with Bob Costas about gun control!