Walker Derangement Syndrome Is Unfortunately Alive And Well


Walker Derangement Syndrome Is Unfortunately Alive And Well

CREATED Dec. 10, 2012

Somebody should really tell the local newspaper that 2011 just called and wants its headlines back.

After Scott Walker handily won the recall election last June, I really hoped that his detractors and their allies in the mainstream media would be willing to move on.  Silly me.

In a speech a couple of weeks ago, Governor Walker raised the possibility of eliminating same-day voter registration in Wisconsin.  Despite the fact that this would bring Wisconsin laws in line with over 40 other States, some Walker opponents went even more over the top than usual in their opposition.

Enter the local newspaper.

According to the headline of the story, "With Walker on hand, son used same-day voter registration in GOP primary". 

Stop the presses!  Scott Walker, a potential opponent of same-day voter registration, allowed his son to follow the current law and register the same day he voted. 

Seriously, isn't it time for some of the reporters and editors at the newspaper to simply get over the fact that Walker won? 

And how about this nugget of  investigative reporting?  "A witness who was at the polling place told the Journal Sentinel that the governor accompanied his son".  

Just out of curiosity, who was the "witness" and why didn't the reporter identify him or her?  What is the newspaper hiding?  Was the source a poll worker or simply an anti-Walker partisan trying to spin a story to a friendly reporter.

Seriously, the anti-Walker hysteria among some reporters seems to be topped only by the newspaper's obsession with Ed Flynn.

As to whether Walker is some kind of hypocrite, give me a break!

There are all sorts of laws that I obey but nevertheless believe should be changed - because they are the law!

I think it's insane that drivers in Wisconsin can go eight years without having to renew their driver licenses in person.  Still, I only go to the DMV once every eight years.

Personally, I'm not sure as a policy matter that I should get a Wisconsin tax break for contributing to my niece and nephew's 529 accounts.  Still, I take the break because it's the law.

I could go on and on - but you get the idea.

This is actually similar to the embarrassing smear job that the newspaper did on prominent Wisconsin businesswoman Diane Hendricks a few months ago.  Ms. Hendricks is the large GOP contributor who didn't pay personal State income tax in a given year because she paid an enormous of amount of tax through her corporation.

If Governor Walker didn't follow the law, that would be a story.  Governor Walker's son  following a law that the Governor might like to see changed is a nothing burger in the extreme.

Unless you suffer from a really advanced case of Walker derangement syndrome.

In which case I'd advise you to seek a cure.