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God's Way Of Telling You That You Really Need To Get A LIfe


God's Way Of Telling You That You Really Need To Get A LIfe

CREATED Nov 25, 2012

The Associated Press has just done yet another puff piece on the rag tag group of "demonstrators" who show up at the Wisconsin State Capitol and disturb the peace on a daily basis.

To some, this group  is simply continuing Madison's "long, proud tradition of public protests".  Yeah, right.  Actually, the so-called "Solidarity Singers" are walking, talking examples of God's way of telling you that you really, really, really need to get a life.

The group is composed largely of retired government workers (living on taxpayer provided pensions), bitter current government employees unhappy with having to contribute a bit more toward their health insurance and retirement accounts, aging middle-aged hippies unhappy that they missed the sixties, and college students.

At least some of the college students appear to be on the ten-year graduation plan. You know the ones.  The kids that you started school with and were still there a decade later wondering why all the coeds look so young?  

While I think it's ridiculous to glamorize these dead-enders, I recognize that there are probably more useless ways to spend your time than showing up every noon to disturb the peace at the Capitol.  Frankly, I'm not sure what those more useless ways would be - but there are undoubtedly some. 

My biggest beef is that this self-entitled bunch considers itself to be above the law - and has thus far been treated accordingly by authorities.

The State Capitol is first and foremost a place of business. If you walk into most government buildings and begin singing at the top of your lungs, you will be asked to stop.  If you don't stop, you'll be arrested.  Tradition of protest or not, the disruption of a workplace paid for by taxpayers should simply not be permitted.

And I'm not even talking about the hangers-on who directly stalk, threaten and attempt to intimidate people working at the Capitol.  That these actions continue to occur is a disgrace and a direct reflection on the failures of the Dane County justice system.

With "Capitol Chaos" now simply an unpleasant memory - and Republicans even more in control of State government than when the disruptions started, you have to figure that the remaining protestors will eventually decide to get on with their life's work.  Then again, maybe they won't.

After all, even if God tells you that you really need to get a life, there's nothing that says you have to  listen!

Especially in the People's Republic of Madison.