Lance Easley Meet T.J. Rubley


Lance Easley Meet T.J. Rubley

CREATED Sep. 27, 2012

I know you shouldn't kick a guy when he's down - but former replacement referee Lance Easley really makes it impossible not to pile on.

On the one hand, it's hard to fault the replacement referees for the crummy job they did officiating NFL games.

I drive my Ford Escape just fine back and forth to work.  Put me in a stock car and enter me in the Daytona 500 and I'll probably cause some problems.

When I do inevitably wreck the car however, I'd like to think that I'd be man enough to admit that I made a mistake and was in over my head.

Which brings me back to Lance Easley, the middle-aged banker and part time high school referee who blew the call in the Packers/Seahawks game (potentially costing the Packers playoff seeding and the City of Green Bay millions of dollars).

On the one hand, it wasn't all Easley's fault.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell should never have let a guy with Easley's lack of experience anywhere near a football field.  If Easley wanted to work a professional football game, they should have given him a tray of beers and a vendor's cap. 

So, shame on Goddell for putting Easley in a position to blow a call in the first place.

Still, it's more than aggravating to learn today that Easley maintains that he "didn't do anything wrong" and made "the correct call". 

Huh?  Did they not do any drug testing on these replacement refs before they hired them?

Seriously, for Easley to still claim that he made the correct call is a sign of denial, blindness or a serious form of mental derangement.

It reminds me of when T.J. Rubley cost the Packers a game against the Vikings in 1995 by calling an audible on 3rd and 1 and throwing an interception (instead of running a quarterback sneak).  After the loss, like Easley, Rubley maintained that he had done the right thing - and would do it again!.

Yeah, and Custer would have been a tactical genius were it not for the Sioux.

Up until Monday, Easley was perhaps best known for some controversial calls he made while officiating a "powder puff" flag football games between two teams of high-school girls last spring.  I would imagine that he still thinks he made the right calls in that game as well.

The Packers dumped Rubley a few days after he messed up.  The NFL dumped Easley in about the same length of time. 

If there's really justice in this world, perhaps Roger Goddell will be next.

In the meantime, move over T.J. Rubley, Lance Easley will be joining you in the Packers Hall of Shame.