The Hate Left Heads For Iowa


The Hate Left Heads For Iowa

CREATED Aug 14, 2012

Over the past year and a half, we in Wisconsin have seen the "Hate Left" at its worst.

Let's review the bidding:

Death threats against GOP legislators that went largely unpunished by the Dane County District Attorney. Regular disruptions of legislative proceedings. Routine disturbances of non-political events like the opening of the Wisconsin State Fair, a ceremony honoring Special Olympians and a reading event for students. Stalking of Governor Walker's children and protests staged at his personal residence. In general, a policy of trying to create chaos in a fashion that would embarrass a five-year-old.

So how did all those antics work out for Wisconsin's "Hate Left".

Oh yeah, Scott Walker coasted to victory in the recall election with 54% of the vote and now seems poised to serve as Governor for as long as he chooses.

So, what does the "Hate Left" do next?  They go after Paul Ryan in Iowa.

Fresh off an incredibly successful series of weekend appearances, Paul Ryan appeared at the Iowa State Fair yesterday.  Ryan was greeted by thousands of supporters and a handful of semi-professional protesters intent on disrupting the event. According to reports, the small number of protesters went so far as to manhandle kids senior citizens and punch a campaign volunteer.

In other words, the tactics of the "Hate Left" that have polluted Wisconsin for the past year are being rolled out for the Presidential campaign.  Let the fun begin.

During the recall, the print media in Wisconsin absolutely disgraced itself by writing one puff piece after another about the brave thugs, I mean, protesters.  In some corners, the early media coverage of the protesters in Iowa seems to follow this same template.

Candidly, I think this may play out nationally the same way it played out in Wisconsin.  That is, while Ryan/Romney protesters might be media darlings for the moment, their antics won't play out so well among the electorate at large - especially over time.  In general, Americans don't like to see bad behavior rewarded.

And what we saw in Iowa from the "Hate Left" was definitely bad behavior.

As an aside, what's the over/under for the date when the more prominent members of Wisconsin's kook fringe - the Segway Guy, the Pink Dress Guy, Pippi Bongstocking - hit the campaign trail?