Tom Barrett Tries To Separate Fools From Their Money


Tom Barrett Tries To Separate Fools From Their Money

CREATED Aug. 13, 2012

Robin Williams used to joke that cocaine was "God's way of telling you that you have too much money". Now there's another way - contributing cash to "Friends of Tom Barrett"!  

As Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were addressing a crowd of thousands in Waukesha yesterday, Tom Barrett spoke to an intimate gathering of Democrat activists in Milwaukee.  This is, of course, the same Tom Barrett who has been drubbed in two consecutive Statewide elections in less than two years.

Since his speech wasn't heard by too many people, Barrett also sent out a quasi-fundraising appeal via e-mail.  Here's a portion of the pitch:

"Do we want to go forward or backward as a country? It's just that simple.

Yesterday, Mitt Romney caved to the national conservative media and right-wing elites and selected Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan to be his vice-presidential running mate.

Paul Ryan.  Architect of the GOP budget that ends Medicare as we know it for generations of seniors.  The Ryan plan that cuts health care funding for low-income people.  The Ryan budget that makes drastic cuts to critical investments like education, veteran's health care and clean energy - while giving a tax cut to the richest Americans. ..."

Yada, yada, yada.  You know, the same old talking points delivered by Tom Barrett, the 46% solution.

The best part of the e-mail though is that it ends with a link allowing recipients to "contribute".  Contribute to whom you might ask?  Well, click on the link and you have an opportunity to give money to ... "Friends of Tom Barrett".

That's right, you can express your outrage to the Paul Ryan selection by contributing to Tom Barrett's political campaign account. What campaign, you might ask?  Who knows? Barrett also asks recipients to "Please forward this email right now to five friends to get the word out".

It's kind of like in the movie "The Wild One" when they ask Marlon Brando's character "What are you rebelling against" and he says "What have you got".  Ask Barrett what he's raising money for and he's likely to respond: "What have you got"?

I don't care how people choose to spend their money - but giving dough to Tom Barrett so he can oppose Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney?  Really?

I guess a fool and his money can be separated.