A Packers fan's guide to San Francisco

A trip to San Francisco can include a lot more than just following your beloved Packers on the road to New Orleans and Super Bowl XLVII!  Scroll through the photos to see our recommendations for things to do and places to go (including some cheesehead-related suggestions) in one of the world's most unique cities.

  • Want to see how the famous cable cars work in San Francisco? Check out the Cable Car Museum. | Photo: Jon Byman

  • Catch a performance, or just the architectural beauty, of the Palace of Fine Arts | Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • The Ferry Building Farmer's Market is a cross between the Milwaukee Public Market and the Lake Express. You can enjoy fine dining, then take a ferry on breathtaking San Francisco Bay. Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • One of the most picturesque sites of creation in the Bay Area, Fort Funston. | Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • On the westernmost tip of San Francisco is another locale of supreme natural beauty, Sutro Baths. | Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • For man-made arts, see the FREE artwork provided by the Mission District murals. | Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • Yes, there are Packers bars in San Francisco, including Mad Dog in the Fog in the famous Haight-Ashbury district. | Photo: Jason Pinkowski

  • For a fantastic immersion into Chinese culture, head to one of the world's most famous Chinatowns. | Photo: Wendy Piersall

  • Want a sight of nature that you can't get in a zoo? How about dozens of seals sunbathing along Fisherman's Wharf? | Photo: "Wildcat Dunny" from Flickr.

  • Enjoy some of the world's most renowned chocolate and ice cream at Ghiradelli's. | Photo: "Kim the Dork" from Flickr.

  • Cheeseheads, the folks at the Cheese Board in Berkeley tell us they have countless types of cheese from our fine state.

  • Of course, when you enjoy Wisconsin cheese or dine anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can enjoy a glass from Charles Woodson's own Twenty-Four Wines...

  • ...or a wine from another cheesehead-connected winery, the award-winning Spot-On Cellars, co-owned by a pair of Marquette University graduates.

  • Do you really think we'd forget to suggest a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge? | Photo: Jeff Gunn