Fun Blog @ Racine Astronomical Society

 The Fun Blog had the opportunity to hang with the Racine Astronomical Society to peer at the stars.  Great facility, great've gotta visit them!

  • The 14" telescope building is on the left, the main 16" scope building on the right.

  • Inside the club room with photos taken by RAS Members proudly hung on the wall.

  • Of COURSE Marvin the Martian is hangin' out!

  • 14" telescope at the museum

  • The Main 16" telescope

  • My daughter's first look at the 16" telescope - she was ready to burst!

  • Brian found Saturn for us. My daughter gave me this random reaction after she saw it. She later explained she was showing me an "S" for Saturn. LOL

  • Brian was so kind and gentle showing my daughter the star charts as they looked for the M13 Star Cluster

  • Does it get any better than this? Thanks RAS for a great night!!