Haudricourt: Written statement may have been right for Braun

Ryan Braun. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Haudricourt: Written statement may have been right for Braun

By Rick Lindfors. CREATED Aug 23, 2013

Ryan Braun’s written apology for the use of PEDs sent waves throughout the sports community. Fans expressed displeasure over social media over the lack of an appearance from the disgraced slugger. Many wish they had seen him express his remorse for doping rather than reading it on their computer screens.

However, Journal Sentinel Brewers beat writer and 620WTMJ contributor Tom Haudricourt explains why the decision not to appear in public may have been, in his opinion, Braun's best tactic. It allows him to ease into being in the spotlight again.

“It was the right move for him,” said Journal Sentinel Brewers writer Tom Haudricourt. “You don’t have to answer questions. It makes it a lot easier on him to get the process started.”

That process of earning the trust of fans and his team would involve speaking publicly. However, Braun can’t sit and bide his time until next season. Doing so would have a harsh impact on the team.

“If he waits until spring training, that would be an awful way to start next season. I would think the team would want a press conference out of the way well before spring training,” Haudricourt said.

Braun released his written apology while his team was en route to Cincinnati, allowing his team some time to gather before playing the Reds.

Still, there are many questions left for fans after reading his apology.

The statement from Braun does not make any mention of what substances he used or why he did not come forward before. “There’s all kinds of gaps to be filled in,” Haudricourt said. To fill in those gaps, fans may have to wait until Braun steps in front of a podium.