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Young fan's 'grrrrrrr' earns him autograph from Packers player

Jay Sorgi

Young Brady with Josh Sitton. Photo: Image by Green Bay Packers/TODAY'S TMJ4

Young fan's 'grrrrrrr' earns him autograph from Packers player

CREATED Sep. 23, 2013

Football is a game of aggressiveness.  Sometimes it's the message you send with your voice that can win the matchup with the opponent in front of you.

Brady, a young child who came to "Packers Live" Monday night, learned that from Packers offensive lineman Josh Sitton - and earned his autograph in the process.

"The most basic thing about being an offensive lineman...get your feet like this.  Get your mean face on," said Sitton to the kid who's probably about eight times smaller than the protector for Aaron Rodgers.

"Get your left foot back a little bit.  Bend your knees.  Put your left hand down on the ground.  Mean face....grrrrr."

"Grrrrrr..." answered Brady after the encouragement while squatting down in a three-point stance.

"That was an A-plus performance," Sitton said, giving praise before putting his John Hancock on a football for the youngster.