Tolzien gets chance to turn Packers season around

Larry McCarren

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Tolzien gets chance to turn Packers season around

CREATED Nov. 15, 2013

The football week that was has been dominated by the Packer quarterback position.

Appropriately enough, Scott Tolzien has gotten the starter's reps at practice, which means almost all of them, and the more you see him, the more you like him.

Those who watched his Badger career closely say he throws a better, stronger ball than he did then. All I know is that he can zip it in there pretty well.

Tolzien also comes across as a young player who, quotations, gets it. He knows that taking care of business during the week will go a long way toward taking care of business on Sunday.

Don't know what the deal was elsewhere, but Matt Flynn looks pretty much like the Matt Flynn we knew for four seasons in Green Bay. Doesn't have a cannon for an arm, not a wow player in practice, but knows what he's doing and how to get it done.

If he had to step in Sunday, after just a week with the Packers, he's certainly the right guy for the job..

Aaron Rodgers, you can tell he's feeling better. His left hand is no longer stuck in his pocket for support, he's served as a running back for the other QB's during drills, and I've actually seen him throw a few passes.

All of the above having been said, I don't think Sunday's game is on Tolzien's shoulders, I think it's on the rest of the guys.