The week on Packers Planet, August 19-25

Jay Sorgi

Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The week on Packers Planet, August 19-25

CREATED Aug. 26, 2013

GREEN BAY - Over the last seven days, the Packers made some bold moves, grew confidence on defense and got healthier.

That, and a quarterback got rid of his much-talked-about mustache which you see below, but we'll get to that later.  First the on-field stuff...

Normally, nationally televised losses are not what you'd hope for in a preseason game, but the Packers successfully used this game as a test for their 1st-string defense and a chance to decide on key roster spots.

Defensively, the Packers were fantastic against Russell Wilson, a top-flight quarterback with the one quality which killed the 2012 Packers' season: mobility.

We also saw someone win the Packers No. 2 quarterback job....

...or so we thought, until Mike McCarthy corrected Packers Planet.

McCarthy also took a somewhat unexpected move in the Packers' two-man kicking competition.

It's now a three-man war.

And there will be more roster moves to make before Tuesday evening.

The week also brought a birthday boy...

...a much-discussed, and much-laughed-about superstar quarterback missing practice...

...and, yes, the developments of his stache...

...or, on Sunday, the lack of it.

What's not gone, however, is hope for the Packers' season.  An ESPN analyst puts the Packers in metropolitan New York in February.

Stay tuned.