Rodgers encounters Bears 'Superfans' in latest commercial

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Aaron Rodgers and two Chicago Bears "Superfans" in a recent State Farm commercial. Photo: Video by YouTube | Photo: YouTube

Rodgers encounters Bears 'Superfans' in latest commercial

By Jay Sorgi. CREATED Sep 5, 2013

"I think I've got the window seat," said Aaron Rodgers boarding a plane.

"I think you'd better double check that, my friend," uttered a rather famous Chicago Bears "Superfan."

That's how the newest State Farm commercial starring the Packers superstar quarterback begins.

The Superfans certainly ham it up, with the "Discount Daaaaaaaaaaable-Check" gesture, as they put it.

Of course, then there's the sausages they cook on their tray table - something both Packers and Bears fans can share.

Watch it above, then scroll through our photo gallery for plenty of examples of how Rodgers has destroyed Chicago Bears teams, and other NFL squads.