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QB concerns part 2: Why read option QB's won't last long term

Wayne Larrivee

Graham Harrell. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

QB concerns part 2: Why read option QB's won't last long term

Wayne Larrivee
CREATED Sep. 5, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 5, 2013

The discussion this week has been about quarterback protection for signal callers running the “read option” plays.   

This is where the quarterback either hands the ball off to the running back and then carries out a fake as if he (QB) is running the ball, or the quarterback in fact can fake the handoff and take off as a runner himself.

The league is lifting quarterback protection in these instances.

Quarterbacks are fair game in this situation, especially when they leave the pocket, and defenders are salivating at the prospect.

San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh has already been asking for more protection for his read option, quarterback.  

Last February in the Super Bowl, the Ravens went after Colin Kaepernick on his read option fakes and more and more teams will do the same this season.
What will happen eventually is “read option” WILL get these quarterbacks knocked around and eventually injured.  

If I am the Shanahans in Washington, I don’t let RGIII do any “read option.”
One last point on “read option” that trendy little college offense that everyone is talking about; is it the wave of the future in the NFL?  N

ot if the rules remain as they are today.

Quarterbacks lose their protection when running that play and defenses are going to take their shots.  

In the end, outside linebackers and defensive ends will pound that silly little college offense right out of the league—maybe by the end of the month!