Packers get back to winning ways with 22-9 win over Lions

Jay Sorgi

Aaron Rodgers. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Packers get back to winning ways with 22-9 win over Lions

CREATED Oct. 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2013

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5:26 p.m.
Clay Matthews has a fracture after the game.  Click here for details.

3:37 p.m.
Mike McCarthy talked exclusively to 620WTMJ after the Packers' win.  Here's what he told Larry McCarren.

4th Quarter

3:10 p.m.  Lions' 3rd Drive  :12
Losing formation for Lions.  But did this happen?

3:03 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  2:06
Jordy Nelson grabs the onside kick.  Academic.  End this thing.

Lacy in the open field!  A Jarrett Boykin holding call destroys an open field burst.

It destroys Lacy's 100-yard day.  Darn.

Second chance...but he gets -2 on 1st-6.  Argh.

Lions call time out, giving them a useless possession and a chance to get a cheap 15-yard flag.

2:54 p.m.  Lions' 2nd Drive  3:54
Green Bay 22, Detroit 9
Stafford-Durham 13 yd TD pass
(2-pt no good)
Garbage time, down three scores.

15 yards catch-and-run by Bell.  They're going in speed formation, no-huddle...hoping for a miracle.

FUMBLE!  Nick Perry knocks the football from behind out of Stafford's hands, but the Lions recover at the GB 48.  The healthy linebackers are owning pass rush.

OOOH...McMillan launched his body into Scheffler.  Helmet-to-helmet.  Ow.

Pump fake leads to TD to Durham.

2:41 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  7:01
Green Bay 22, Detroit 3
Crosby 45 yd FG

Four-minute offense time.

Lacy on the run...Suh saw him, grabbed his jersey, pulled Lacey towards him and wrestled him down.

Suh is a "man"...wait, he'd be more of a man if he played clean.

3rd-3 at GB 37: JONES!  INCREDIBLE!  38 yards of SPECIAL turnaround 180-in-the-air-and-snag-the-football-over-the-defender's-head masterpiece.

Larry: "This one's feeling really good."

Phew.  Lacy recovered his own fumble after Fairley caused a fumble on a five-yard loss.

3rd-13 at DET 27: GAME OVER!  JONES!  "Another dagger thrown by the Packers!"

PERFECT throw, perfect catch.  Though he needs a second try at the Lambeau Leap.  He may not be feeling pefect.

Wait a minute.  Jones was out of bounds on his 2nd foot.  His first foot crossed the plane, but the second foot must also be in bounds.

No TD.  But it's 3 again.

2:33 p.m.  Lions' 1st Drive  10:16
Story of the game so far:

Make that 167 after Bush pushed back for -3.

3-8 at DET 22: Durham, 6-6, able to barely have enough height for the first down.

By the way:

Now past midfield after a Daniels penalty, it's two-minute offense time and the Lions are bing, bang, short gains down the field.

3rd-3 at GB 30: Scheffler bobbles.  Much to the relief of 78,200. 

4th-3 at GB 30: Gotta go for it if you're Detroit.

Nope.  Durham.  Missed him.  DAGGER!

2:22 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  14:51
Green Bay 19, Detroit 3
Crosby 42 yd FG

Clay Matthews jogs to the locker room.  Now what?

Larry McCarren: "An 80-yard touchdown drive would sure look good here."

Lacy churns for seven yards like an ice cream machine.

31 yards from Nelson!  Fabulous sideline catch.  Larry McCarren: "He's a magician on the sideline."

Play action and Rodgers with a keeper.  Don't run that too often with cheap shot artists on the D-line for Detroit.

3rd-5 at DET 38: Rodgers this time DOES get the first down on a scramble, sliding past the first down marker.

Tick.  Tock.

Flaggage on Mathis for pushing down Nelson?  Nope.  Larry: From a long way off, that looked pretty call-able, especially with Mathis neck-tying.

Failure on 3rd down...Crosby doesn't fail.

3rd Quarter

2:12 p.m.  Lions' 3rd Drive  3:12
Momentum now going back to the Lions.  Reverse with Bush and his first good gain of the day.  20 yards.  Only scheme could get Bush open because inside running won't.

First good gain from the true RB slot as he shook to the outside for 12 yards.

Uh oh.  Francois being helped off the field.  No power on his right leg.  Can't even put it on the ground.  Not good at all.

Geez.  Illegal contact on Shields.  No hanging-on, but too much bumping on Shields.  Could have been called either way.  Should have been off-setting or nothing.

Morgan Burnett!  Saves a touchdown after a great post patter by Edwards.

3rd-9 at GB 34: CLAYMAKER!  Monster sack...outside the 45.  No one blocking Clay Matthews. My three-year-old could have schemed that pass protection better for DET.

2:06 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  3:30
Green Bay 16, Detroit 3
Rodgers-Jones 83 yd TD pass

Regarding the Eddie Lacy not-in-the-game issue:

Davon House costs his team 10 yards during the punt return as he drages his Lion down while holding him about 10 yards beforehand.  A little fracas starts.

Stafford and Rodgers respectively: 125 yards, 105 yards, zero TD's.  This is more like Milt Plum v Bart Starr circa 1961.

More flag-feasance with Bakhtiari 10 yards for holding.  This kills an offense that's already sputtering to produce big points.


2:01 p.m.  Lions' 2nd Drive  5:04
Bush gets creamed again on 1st down.  Second effort gets him three yards.   Best run of his day (not by yardage - a couple 4-yarders, but his best in terms of effort).

3rd-7 at DET 23: Nothin' doin'.  Stafford missing into triple coverage.

1:52 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  7:34
Green Bay 9, Detroit 3
Crosby 31 yd FG

It appears Aaron Rodgers is getting help on his photobombs.

COBB!  BIG RUN!!!  HUGE RUN!!!!  67 yards!  Larry: "That supplies some much-needed juice to the Packers offense."  Cobb at running back on that spectacular sprint.

I don't THINK that's because of an injured back...just a planned change of pace.

Lacy was about to come on the field for 3rd-1 before....

But isn't that WHY they got Lacy?

3rd-1, take 2: Nelson claiming he was heled in the back of the end zone, but no pink flaggage. 

Another great wasted opportunity.

1:44 p.m.  Lions' 1st Drive  12:35
And with Brad Jones out of the game with another hamstring problem...

First down for Detroit on a Bush run, but Lions' field position has been horrible.  No drives closer than 21 yard line.  Maybe the Packers' saving grace so far.

3rd-3 at DET 37: McMillan beat in man coverage.  Reggie Bush will beat him all day.  Mismatch.

The Packers' own Bush in the run game today.  Jolly blasted two blockers, and Matthews came free to destroy Bush for no gain.

FANTASTIC PLAY BY NICK PERRY!  He was blocked all day, all play, dragged down, but Perry kept moving to Stafford for the sack on 2nd down.

3rd-22 at DET 35: A.J. Hawk blew up a screen and lost his helmet ending that drive with a four-yard gain.

1:38 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
Lacy with the running game and a draw play sets up a 9.5 yard gain.

Now go play-action, Starr to Dowler...or Rodgers to Jones.  Well, it's play action to Finley for five yards.  Not as explosive but still a first down.

4th flaggage of the day against Green Bay, though a lot more movement inside, too.  They could have called it against half the O-line or more.

Rodgers...Finley.  Stealing, but short.  Five yards.  Need more.

Brad Jones questionable with hamstring injury.

3rd-6 at GB 40: Rodgers throws it away to save his life.

All, by the way, in front of a record crowd.


1:37 p.m.
It's not how much you have the ball (Packers up 4:10 in that category), but what you do with it.  Three possessions, two scores, no TD's for Green Bay.

1:34 p.m.
Best show so far today?  Maybe the halftime band?

2nd Quarter

1:23 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  :15
Close game?  We expected it.  But not a close defensive game.

Lacy ends the first half with a short run.  Yawn.  Caffienate the offenses, please.

1:06 p.m.  Lions' 2nd Drive  3:47
Green Bay 6, Detroit 3
Akers 53 yd FG

Long way for Detroit...but it could be a longer way for them to come back with Packers not getting it in the end zone early.

Bush's first really good carry on the day.  Draw play for almost first-down yardage.  Matthews helped him by throwing him for two yards to tackle him.

3rd-inches at DET 20.5: Bell did enough.

Inside two minutes...and they are draw playing again.  They think four-yard runs up the middle will get them more yardage?

SACK TIME!  Stafford had a long amount of time, but Neal/Raji sandwich him.

3rd-10 at DET 23: Broyles.  Open.  Deep middle.  The place where teams have gashed Packers defenses all year.

3rd-10 at DET 45: Again open over the middle.  25 yards.  Broken tackle, right through Jennings.  Clockwork.

Uh oh.

Fortunate drop over the middle on 2nd down at the five yard line.

3rd-5 at GB 25: Scramble time for Stafford and he does his job - get the first, get out of bounds, but he had the opening thanks to holding on Reiff of the Lions.

Mike Neal back in the game, by the way.

3rd-15 at GB 35: Bombage to the end zone for Durham, but Shields did hsi job at the goal line.

4th-15 at GB 35: Field goal time.

12:55 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  8:52
96 yards from pay dirt thanks to a great punt and a penalty.

Adonije on 1st down NEARLY caused a Rodgers fumble in the end zone.  Smart awareness kept ARod from that mistake.

3rd-6 at GB 8: Nelson!  Textbook on a double-move post pattern to lose Mathis.

No huddle time...Franklin fumble, but the ball bounced RIGHT to Rodgers who almost saved the play with an incompletion before thinking better and taking a -3 loss.

3rd-14 at GB 15: NELSON!   WOW!  Incredible catch at the 40.  Quinn grabbed onto Nelson's arm in mid-air but Jordy still snagged it. 

Lacy shows his smart cutback movement and patience to get seven yards.  If he had more shiftiness in open space, it would be 20. 

3rd-2 at GB 48: Throw to Cobb, but Milwaukee's own DeAndre Levy slapped it away like Dikembe Mutombo.  He neglected to do the finger shake, though.

12:48 p.m.  Lions' 1st Drive  11:19
Play action pass opens things up for Scheffler for 15 yards.  The threat of Reggie Bush running keeping Green Bay honest.

Daniels plus Hawk = mush, nothing for Lions running backs.

3rd-6 at DET 39: Good pass protection, but Ogletree juggled it like me trying to juggle, and it's an incompletion to force 4th down instead of a short reception to force a 4th down.

12:38 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
Green Bay 6, Detroit 0
Crosby 52 yd FG

Theo Riddick of the Lions has a possible head injury, has been taken to the locker room.

Lacy's four-yard runs are effective.  Not huge, but effective, because they set up things like the current third-and-three.

3rd straight Lacy carry - the spin-a-rama gains him the first down.  Tough running.  Just what the Packers need for balance.

Play action gets more effective thanks to those runs, because Rodgers gets Finley for a first down.  Good YAC helped.

Lacy again, this time on a draw play.  Six slamming yards.  Doing what he was drafted for.  Tough running drawing defenders inside.

3rd-4 at DET 40: Bombage to Jones...nope.  Just out of his hands.  Two inches shorter and it's first and red zone, or first and goal.

4th-4 at DET 40: Flaggage during the incompletion...thanks to holding on the defense.  1980's fashion designers would like their fabric back, but it is to help us remember a good cause: breast cancer.

Ugh, Ryan Taylor.  Perfect throw from Rodgers and if Taylor catches that, it's a touchdown.  THAT will get you lots more time on the pines.

3rd-9 at DET 34: Cobb...nope.  Attempt at a diving catch at the 15 yard line.  Would have been highlight-film.

And...Mason Crosby is perfect so far this year.

Still, six points instead of 14.

1st Quarter

12:34 p.m.  Packers' 3nd Drive  :14
Lance Allan says it right: 

Eddie Lacy ends the first quarter with a simple two-yard cutback run.

12:26 p.m.  Lions' 2nd Drive  1:24 left in 1st Quarter
McMillan with a great job snagging the ankle of the Lions' returner.  Larry: "There was a lot of green grass (ahead of him) if he doesn't.

Um, forget it.  Illegal formation on the kicking tee.  Ref: "The holder came from outside the numbers to hold."  Five yards with a rule the rest of the free world had never heard of.

Bush goes student body left.  MIke Neal shook off his blocker.  Jennings had fantastic outside containment to help.  Negative-four.  Lovely.

3rd-14 at DET 17: Simply an overthrow to Scheffler, thanks to Tramon Williams.

Hyde gets the first actual punt return of the day...five yards, though he stood there for a second waiting to decide what to do.

12:11 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  9:14 left in 1st quarter
Green Bay 3, Detroit 0
Crosby 26 yd FG

The game will be decided in a three-yard radius of each snap: Rodgers and the interior O-line vs. Suh/Fairley.

First play: Rodgers-to-Cobb.  He goes The Who and pinball-wizards for a first down. 

3rd-2.5 at GB 38.5: make that a first down thanks to Willie Young's jumpiness?  Pink flaggage today instead of yellow. 

They call it on Ryan Taylor for his early movement.  Wayne: "I don't agree with that at all."

3rd-7.5 at GB 33.5: More flaggage in the backfield as Rodgers misses Nelson with an overthrow, but Barclay could not handle the pass rush and I think he held.

Nope.  Tripping on Suh as he stuck a leg out, the foot to Rodgers' knee.  Dirty.  As usual.  Good to see it flagged.

Lacy.  Tough five yards...power running.

3rd-8 at GB 46: nope.  3rd-3...thanks to a neutral zone infraction.

3rd-3: Shorty throw to Jones but it's enough.  JUST enough.  Good play design.  Two short hooks on the right side, quick throw outside and it's stealing.

3rd-6 at DET 41: SPECIAL CATCH BY COBB!  One handed, over the shoulder.  HIGHLIGHT FILM!

Lacy.  Slamming.  Taking two tacklers three yards to make it seven yards.  Nice.

1st-goal at DET 4: Coverage sack.  ROdgers had forever, but no one was open and he had to eat it.

2nd-goal at DET 9: The throw you CAN make on 2nd and goal...not in the end zone...but it gained squat.

3rd-goal at DET 8: Forever to throw...nope.  Great breakup by the Lions as Rodgers missed Cobb...though they could MAYBE have flagged Delmas.

12:02 p.m.  Lions' 1st Drive  15:00 left in 1st quarter
Masthay fails to boot the ball to Crivitz, and the Lions get to the 21 yard line.

Bell starts the game with a hole big enough for a Detroit-made truck to run through...too much.  Nine yards.  Not how you want the defense to starts.

You will see a TON of nickel and dime coverage with the Lions trying to throw to Bush and other receivers.

Missed tackle...Shields.  Detroit runs what the Packers love to - that quick-out, one-step drop to the Lions' WR's and let them break a tackle.  Eight yards.

Bush's first carry...nothin' doin.  Pickett closed the hole up by driving his blocker into Bush's path.

3rd-2 at DET 43: Bell.  Slamming.  Plenty easy.

This week, we see how good Stafford really is, how good the Lions' scheme is.  Ogletree for 12 yards.

SACK TIME!  Brad Jones gets on the middle on what might have been a broken play, or a really bad job by Stafford of committing a play fake.  

Nice dance moves, too.

3rd-16 at GB 48: Bell in the flat, and a slip and fall dooms his attempt at a first down.

Pregame updates

12:01 p.m.
Detroit calls's heads.  Packers defer, smartly.  Love it.  Get the second half momentum.

11:58 a.m.
The TV cameras just showed Josh Sitton and T.J. Lang, the guys who'll have to control Suh and Fairley.  If they do that, game over.  Packers win.

11:56 a.m.
Temp: 59 degrees, wind out of the southwest at about 10 miles per hour.

11:40 a.m.
INTERESTING.  According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Packers HAVE reached out to Josh Freeman.

We've gotten into that subject a have the Packers players and coaches, particularly Jordy Nelson with his thoughts.

Yet he tells Glazer he wants to start somewhere.  That won't happen in Green Bay.  But the best learning scenario possible for a backup?  Maybe.

11:36 a.m.
More Mike McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On no Calvin Johnson:
"He's obviously a great player, somone you're aware of in every formation.  We'll adjust our plan accordingly.  That's pro football.  They did a good job not showing it in the course of the week."

On Reggie Bush:
"He's a playmaker..running the football, catching the football. They've done a good job of scheming things...perimeter screens, middle screen.  He's done a nice job of running the football."

On Matthew Stafford:
"Look at his goodness...Matthew's a heck of a young player."

On Suh and Fairley
"They've done a good job drafting.  The drafted players definitely fit the scheme.  The talent level of the defensive line is extraordinary."

On his confidence in the Packers offense:
"We've got to be more about balance, running the ball, throwing the ball...we can play against anybody."

11:31 a.m.
Mike McCarthy exclusively with Wayne Larrivee:

On health with bye week:
"(Almost) everybody that went into the bye week injured has come back."

On this week's practices
"Our best week of practice...that's really important in the beginning of the year."

"(Thursday) was a heated practice, our best practice of the year."

"I'm a big believer that the preparation flows into a good performance."

On what the bye week gave his team:
"The reality of the bye week in today's game is that you can keep your team for one practice on Wednesday, but with the number of days they have to have's really more for the players to get away, go back to their personal workout areas, family and so forth, give us a chance as a coaching staff to get back to the grind in front of us."

11:12 a.m.
Perhaps the Lions did a little gamesmanship in keeping Calvin Johnson's condition quiet?

How did Wayne adjust his game planning?

11:01 a.m.
Fan pic of the day from the Journal Sentinel's Lori Nickel:

Try and beat that!  Share your fan pics here!

10:59 a.m.
For you viwing the game on TV, you'll see a bit of a faded look to the end zones.  Here's why:

10:43 a.m.
Well, that changes things with Calvin Johnson out of action, and knowing Clay Matthews and Morgan Burnett should play.  38-28 Packers is my new prediction.

10:37 a.m.

From ESPN's Adam Schefter:

For the Packers:

- 86 TE Brandon Bostick
- 93 DE Josh Boyd
- CB Casey Hayward
- 51 LB Nate Palmer
- 44 RB James Starks
- 64 G/C Greg Van Roten
- 98 DE C.J. Wilson

10:30 a.m.
Prediction time: You will need your heart medication and defibrillator in a roller-coaster game, but the Packers will win 38-34.

9:46 a.m.
For those who have braved the more-than-normal congestion on a Packers gameday, it's party time.

Who enjoyed those tailgate parties with the fans?  Our own Wayne Larrivee!

Pregame Story

There's a lot of traffic clogging up the Packers' path to NFC North dominance.  No, we don't just mean traffic from Milwaukee getting clogged due to the Leo Frigo Bridge shutdown.

We mean the logjam ahead of the Packers in the NFC North with the Detroit Lions sharing 1st place -and not with the 1-2 Packers.

This Detroit Lions team is ready to break the streak of 22 straight losses in 21 years in Wisconsin, with a talented and balanced offense adding Reggie Bush to the mix, and an improved defense, as Voice of the Packers Wayne Larrivee describes.

They're not just known for a reputation for skill, but dirty play...and one Lion wants to act a little, well, not so clean before the game.

But the Packers plan to stay above such dirt.

The good news - the Packers come in well-rested after the bye week.

They come in healthier - particularly with two important starting defenders...

...and at running back.

That health, and the almost-always excellent passing of Aaron Rodgers...

...should give the Packers more than a chance in this major divisional showdown.

As Shakespeare said, the play's the thing.