Rodgers, McCarthy discuss confidence, revenge entering 49ers rematch

Aaron Rodgers. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Rodgers, McCarthy discuss confidence, revenge entering 49ers rematch

By Anthony Atkins, Packers contributor. CREATED Sep 4, 2013

This week, there seems to be nothing else on the minds of the Green Bay Packers outside of revenge.

Although they might not admit it, there may not be a better way to start their 2013 campaign than with a win over the team that took it to them last January – the San Francisco 49ers.

Since their crushing defeat at the hand of the Niners, the Packers have had more than enough time to think of a way to make it back to the summit of the NFC and back to their championship-winning ways.

In order to do that, they will need to get past those same Niners that sent them home eight short months ago.

The things that led to the demise of the Packers’ season last year seem to have been addressed, and Packers Coach Mike McCarthy seems to be pleased with his 53-man roster that will take the field in 2013.

After making some changes on both sides the ball, Coach McCarthy seems pleased with what he saw overall.

"[I’m] very confident in my run blocking, very confident in my football team" said McCarthy on Wednesday.

"I'm very confident in all aspects... especially after training camps."

While the word “revenge” is a term being thrown around Packers’ circles heading to this week, that particular phrase wasn’t enough for Aaron Rodgers, according to Fox Sports Wisconsin’s Paul Imig.

That day of reckoning that Rodgers prophesized is nearly upon us. That day is more than likely going to establish the team that is the class of the NFC right out of the gate in Week 1.

McCarthy and the Packers have acknowledged their 2012 defense that ranked in the middle of the pack last year, (11th in opponent’s passing yards per game and 17th opponent’s rushing yards per game) and for reckoning to truly come about in this game on the Packers’ part, defense will play a huge part.

“It’s a different year,” said McCarthy. “I look at defense where it comes out of training camp. I understand the challenge defense presents us."

Having an entire NFL team prepared and ready to go for sixty minutes heading into any Week 1 game is a tough task for any coach.

When that Week 1 game is arguably the biggest game of the regular season, and is almost certain to have playoff implications down the line, it adds all the more pressure.

McCarthy feels that his team feels how much this game means and believes that his guys are ready for San Francisco.

"It’s a whole different environment you work with in the first week," said McCarthy."I feel very good about the urgency and the preparation."

After an offseason full of change in the Packers’ locker room, there is certainly going to be a need for a sense of urgency. New leaders have emerged since these two teams last met; it is time to put that leadership to the test in what could be the biggest game of the Packers’ regular season.

Tony Atkins contributes to the sports staff at TODAY'S TMJ4 and in many capacities at 620WTMJ. He also writes about the Packers at Acme Packing Company.