Packers-Redskins preview with Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne

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Packers-Redskins preview with Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne

CREATED Sep. 11, 2013

Sometimes, a loss against one team can teach the lessons to help you beat your next opponent.

That's what could happen for the Packers as they face Washington this weekend at Lambeau Field.

"Very similar quarterbacks, (San Francisco's) Colin Kaepernick and (Washington's) Robert Griffin III," said the Journal Sentinel's Tyler Dunne during a conversation with TODAY'S TMJ4's Rod Burks which you can see in our media gallery..

Both QB's are known for their running ability as well as potentially cannon arms.

Dunne cited that Griffin, otherwise known as RGIII, did not have as much running explosion as he had during his rookie year following off-season knee surgery.

"They had to reconstruct two ligaments and you saw in the opener that he didn't have the explosion, didn't take off as a runner as much."
However, Dunne says the Packers won't take chances with Griffin's ability to tuck the ball in and run.
"I think the Packers are still going to respect him as this world class athlete in the open space.  I think you kind of have to.  You have to treat him as an elite thrower, as an elite runner going into this game because even though he did have that torn ACL, at any moment...if he gets that confidence back, he can be that weapon that he was last year."