McCarthy: 'Probably the best' Lions team his Packers have faced

Jay Sorgi

Packers coach Mike McCarthy. Photo: Image by TODAY'S TMJ4

McCarthy: 'Probably the best' Lions team his Packers have faced

CREATED Oct. 4, 2013

For the last 21 years, many on Packers Planet have chalked up a matchup at Lambeau Field against the Detroit Lions as an automatic win.

Perhaps coach Mike McCarthy might think that's not such a good idea for Sunday's showdown.

"A very good Detroit football team, probably the best we've ever played over the years here," McCarthy said in an exclusive conversation on 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

The big change in this year's Lions, according to McCarthy, is the presence of a running game that can balance the Lions' offense - the presence of Reggie Bush.

"He's clearly the difference from last year to this year," said the coach."The impact he's made has obviously been very gives them balance, the ability to highlight their other players, particularly (Pro Bowl wide receiver) Calvin Johnson."

The Packers have won 22 consecutive games over Detroit on Wisconsin soil, but McCarthy is taking no stock in that fact when it comes to getting ready for Sunday's game.

"It's definitely a point of pride for the organization, but it's not part of my game plan. Anytime you're part of a streak, the question is really for the opposition to answer."

His answers have to come with the strategy and practice prep, which was apparently pretty passionate on Thursday.

"I like the way the preparation's gone this week. (We) just need to clean a couple things up today. (We) had a knock down, drag out, spirited practice yesterday, so I was pleased with that," explained the coach.

"We'll be ready Sunday."