McCarren: Practice squad call-ups have worked often for Ted Thompson

Jay Sorgi

Packers GM Ted Thompson. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

McCarren: Practice squad call-ups have worked often for Ted Thompson

CREATED Oct. 17, 2013 - UPDATED: Oct. 17, 2013

"It's business as usual."

No, having a Packers roster filled with as many broken bones and ruptured hamstrings as there are healthy offensive linemen isn't business as usual.

But the method Ted Thompson has chosen for replacing injured players - those on the practice squad and those with past experience in the Packers system like Jake Stoneburner, Myles White and others like them - is "business as usual," and has worked for Thompson.

"While people may not agree with it, it's worked with Ted Thompson," explained 620WTMJ/NBC26's Larry McCarren.

"It's what he believes in, and the buck stops at his office."

For those who question whether the method has worked, simply look at the Packers Super Bowl ring on his finger and those of his players. 

In that season where the Packers had to replace player after player due to injuries, the Packers filled seven injury needs with practice squad players who already knew the Packers' way of doing things.

"He likes the guys they've signed or drafted and have been with him for while, know the system, know the culture. These are the guys he's going to hang his hat on," said McCarren.

"It's a formula that's won a lot of football games for the Green Bay Packers. Hopefully, it will win this one."

"This one" is the Packers-Browns matchup on Sunday.