Lions rookie confuses Lambeau Field name with luxury car

Jay Sorgi

Curly Lambeau. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel archives

Lions rookie confuses Lambeau Field name with luxury car

CREATED Aug. 8, 2013

DETROIT - Apparently, not everyone around the NFC North knows the legend of the namesake of Lambeau Field.

According to SI's Monday Morning Quarterback, Lions rookie defensive back Darius Slay thought at one point that the home of the Green Bay Packers was more connected to the name of a world class Italian-made luxury car brand.

When the name came up, he responded, “Lambo? Like the car?”

“I knew what a Lambo was, but I didn’t know it was Green Bay’s stadium. They said, ‘Man, that’s the stadium!’ I said, ‘Oh man . . .’ ”

For the uninformed, Lambeau Field was named after Curly Lamebau, who co-started the Green Bay Packers in 1919 and coached them to six NFL titles.

Never mind the fact that most Packers fans consider Lambeau Field to be the Lamborghini of American sports venues, so you could consider Slay's mess-up a compliment.

Slay gets his first in-person view of said Lamborghini of stadiums, Lambeau Field, at the Packers-Lions game on October 6th.