Larrivee: Packers defense showed encouraging signs despite big day for 49ers

Jay Sorgi

Photo: Image by Wayne Larrivee

Larrivee: Packers defense showed encouraging signs despite big day for 49ers

CREATED Sep. 9, 2013

When you allow a receiver to catch more than 200 yards worth of passes, and allow an offense to score 34 points, you don't typically find beautiful trees in a seemingly-barren forest.

However, Wayne Larrivee, 620WTMJ's Voice of the Packers, says that there were plenty of things to have hope about after the Packers' 34-28 loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

"I was encouraged watching how the Packers played defensively in the trenches.  They really rendered San Francisco one-dimensional on the ground," said Larrivee on "Wisconsin's Morning News."

The Packers held the 49ers to 90 yards rushing on 34 carries, just 2.6 yards per carry.

They also sacked Colin Kaepernick twice.

Larrivee said that the definite struggle came from trying to guard Anquan Boldin, the 49ers' receiver who had a banner day - 13 receptions, 208 yards.

"Anquan Boldin, goodness.  The day he had was astounding for a receiver that age," said Larrivee.  Boldin is 32 years old, in his 11th NFL season.

"A lot of people thought his best days were behind him.  I think you saw his best day."

The lack of Morgan Burnett in the secondary due to injury also hurt the Packers' pass defense in general.  Colin Kaepernick's 412 passing yards and three scoring throws proved that.

"You could tell they really missed Morgan Burnett in that deep secondary," said Larrivee.

"(Kaepernick is) very cerebral, like Aaron Rodgers.  He has a huge arm, he's a tremendous student of the game, and he's very capable of sitting in the pocket behind the best offensive line in the business and picking you apart.  He dissected the Packers' deep secondary like a surgeon."