Larrivee: Dangerous RGIII enters Packers matchup, but perhaps not all his arsenal

Jay Sorgi

Larrivee: Dangerous RGIII enters Packers matchup, but perhaps not all his arsenal

CREATED Sep. 12, 2013

When the Green Bay Packers take on Washington this Sunday at Lambeau Field, they know quarterback Robert Griffin III may be able to throw his full arsenal of passing and running weaponry at them.

Or he may not, depending on how much the Redskins open up their playbook and let him use the read option runs that helped him become what 620WTMJ Voice of the Packers Wayne Larrivee says was "the best of the bunch" among the league's young quarteerbacks in 2012.

"He set rookie records for lowest interception percentage, for yardage, for touchdowns. He was the best. Is he right now? Probably not, but he's one of these great young quarterbacks," said Larrivee.

Perhaps the reason why he isn't ranked at the top is simply that he's perhaps not 100 percent after recovering from offseason knee surgery, as evidenced by his performance against the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

"The difference I saw with RGIII is that he was in his first game, his first contact in eight months, and it looked like it for three quarters," said Larrivee.

"His mechanics were bad.  It hurt his accuracy.  You could tell he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to take a hit and get up.  I think the first three quarters cleaned that out.  In the 4th quarter, he hit a rhythm and he was the same RGIII."

That could be to an extent, but unless the Redskins open him up to running out of the read option, he may still not be that same RGIII.

"They're not running as much (RGIII)," said Larrivee.

"They may this weekend, but they didn't run any that I saw read-option where Griffin called his number.  The little bit of read-option they ran, he handed it off.  He was most dangerous last year when he ran the football off of read-option.  I think they want to try to keep him away from that."