Roster moves await after Chiefs beat Packers 30-8

Jay Sorgi

Roster moves await after Chiefs beat Packers 30-8

CREATED Aug. 29, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug. 29, 2013


11:13 p.m.
Big Packers presence tonight in Kansas City.

10:25 p.m.
McCarthy to McCarren:

"We had some tough sledding up front."

"The pace of the game, the length of the plays, we did not do a good job of extending those with the run blocking unit and pass protection."

"At the end of the day, it comes down to fundamentals."

On injuries: "We have some guys we're looking it.  The next day is always the true indicator."

4th Quarter

10:13 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  1:19
Final chance for Young.  3rd-and-1 and Castillo horse-collars White to keep the drive alive, and perhaps Young's chance at a job?  I think his job is safe, but two turnovers didn't help his cause.

Walker with a catch.  Walker with a fumble.  His teammates simply don't want Young to get a chance to drive the team downfield.

Walker may have lost a job, too.

So what does Young do?  Throw short over the middle with no time outs.  Bad clock management.

Bombing run late?  No word.

"The two worse days of the year." - Mike McCarthy.  That's what's coming.

10:08 p.m.  Chiefs' 3rd Drive  2:13
This is why we beg for Sundays in September to come, particularly when Packers' backups play so badly.

Nuthin' doin for the Chiefs.

10:01 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  5:14
A 2nd string job may be on the line.

And it's all in front of a few people and few hundred thousand insects.

3rd-7 at GB 23: useless screen throw by Young to Green.  Yeow.

"We may have set an intercollegiate record for lousy-looking screens." - Larry McCarren.

9:48 p.m.  Chiefs' 2nd Drive  10:43
Kansas City 30, Green Bay 8
Bray-Hammond 9 yd TD pass

41 yards from paydirt after bad punt coverage.

There you go!  Banjo is healthy and sacking people.  "That little kid is continuing to make plays." - Wayne Larrivee.

And it gets useless.  First down throw to Hemingway. 

And it gets worse.  Gray is getting wide open running lanes.  First and goal.  4th-stringers on defense underwhelming.

Credit Johnny Jolly on the pass defense near the goal line.

3rd-goal at GB 9: Bray to Hammond.  Smith beaten.  Buh-bye, job in Green Bay.

9:45 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  12:17
10 yards by Starks.  Finally!  A good gain.  Charles Johnson with a chain reaction block.

Vince Young forced into coverage after a great play action fake didn't help.  Maybe it wasn't so great since the Chiefs' D-backs didn't bite.

3rd-8 at GB 32: Young did the best he could.  An incompletion while getting chased 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage.  Horrific line blocking.

9:37 p.m.  Chiefs' 1st Drive  15:00 left in quarter
Kansas CIty 23, Green Bay 8
Succop 48 yd FG

Gray slams for nine yards.  Guys getting blocked.  Badly.  Not boding well for front seven jobs.

Some diehards sticking around.

Powell with a perfect tackle and a stuffing on 3rd and 3.   That's how you make a team.  One of the few bright spots.

3rd Quarter

9:31 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  1:44
3rd-7: Young with a perfect pass to Myles White and he blew that one.  Larry: "White needs to hang onto that ball, for the Packers' good and for his own good."

9:28 p.m.  Chiefs' 3rd Drive  1:53
Kansas City 20, Green Bay 8

SAFETY!  Barrington flew up the middle and got on the scoreboard!  Myles White's special teams work nets two points.

9:17 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  6:03
Well put by our Packers coverage contributor Ray Rivard:

Young now returns, and Green gets the football with VERY little working in the run game.

Less than 2.3 yards per carry.  Ugh.

Late hit.  Hardman smashed Walker after a horrible incompletion.  Gives Young a chance to show himself.

We know Young can run the key pass.  12 yard gain.  But I can run the key pass.

Second fumble for Young?  Yep.  Coleman wins the ball protection battle so far.  Datko failed on the rush.

Myles White gets HUGE kudos on keeping the punt out of the end zone.  That's how you make a team sometimes.


9:07 p.m.  Chiefs' 2nd Drive  8:06
Kansas City 20, Green Bay 6
Bray-Bellamy 43 yd TD pass

Two examples of yellow hankies on the field.  Unsportsmanlike and holding.  Don't you love to see teams have to run punt formation twice?  Oh, preseason football.  Get thee to September.

Solid run by K.C., because the Packers' left defensive side had nothing in terms of run stopping.

Uh oh.  Smith fell down.  Bellamy had 20 yards on any defender.  Ugh.  Smith beat off the get go.

9:00 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  9:43
Wow.  10,000 Chiefs fans can make noise.

Uh oh.  Franklin nearly got safetied.  HORRIFIC run blocking.  Larry: "Nothin' cookin' up front."

3rd-12 at GB 2: Good throw to Walker, better defense of the play, particularly with the interference that wasn't called.

8:56 p.m.  Chiefs 1st Drive  11:39
By the way: Mike McCarthy, photobombed by his world class linebacker.

Uh oh.  More pitch and catch by Bray, as he eats up backup Packers defenders.

Banjo back in.

Brandon Smith may be clinching a job tonight.  (Maybe not in Green Bay, but somewhere.)  HECK of an interception deep in Packers territory.

8:49 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  15:00
Young starts the second half.  Scrambling smart...uh, get down when a tackler comes.

He does, smartly.  He knows not to push the issue.

Good throw, great catch by White as he took a heck of a hit by McDougal.  White had to take a shot and nearly lost the football, but hung on.

James Starks featured on this drive.  Little timing on a screen pass, but some good one-cut-and-POW running.

Young - fumble.  Ugh.  Martin recovery for KC.  Coleman up one in the turnover battle.

2nd Quarter

8:26 p.m.  Chiefs' 4th Drive  1:40
Kansas City 13, Green Bay 6
Bray-Hemingway 8 yd TD pass

Good sign for the Packers.

FUMBLE!  Great rush by Palmer to force the ball loose, and a late penalty after the Chiefs' recovery.

Uh oh.  Bad move by Jolly.  15 yarder on a late hit.  Whoops.  Use your head, Johnny.

Chiefs marching...Francois with little pass coverage on a 13-yarder to the tight end.

KC with pitch and catch on the 2-minute drive.  Slant pattern.  Smith did not jam at the line of scrimmage.

Bray shows he can run a two-minute least against Packers backups. 

:10 left...pop fly time to the end zone?

Nope.  Rifle to a wide open Hemingway.

8:21 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  2:07
Coleman in this series...and he's inaccurate to Bostick.  Frankly, neither QB impressive tonight.

3rd-6....again, unimpressive offensive performance.  This makes fans scream for September and games that count.

8:14 p.m.  Chiefs' 3rd Drive  6:13
Oh, heck of a catch by Hemingway, beating David Fulton.  Good coverage.  Better throw, better catch.

Bray to UWM product Demetrius Harris, but way over the basketball player.  Hard to do that.

3rd-7 at GB 48: Near pick by Powell.  You catch that, maybe a roster spot?  It WAS blocked, after all.

Hyde on punt return duty.  Inside the 10, at the 9 - Hyde fair catches.   A Chief was behind him.  Good call

8:06 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  8:50
Green Bay 6, Kansas City 6
Crosby 45 yd FG
Ryan Taylor great catch from Young on the square out.  Taylor simply beat his guy deep.

Franklin runs, but he can't get much.  The Packers are not succeeding on outside runs.

Heck of a job by Young to get the ball near Taylor to avoid a sack. 

3rd-8 at GB 45: HECK of a catch by Ross on a bomb by Young!  He had to turn and pivot to do a 180 in the air and reach Young's back shoulder throw, then tippy-toe.  Wow.

3rd-8 at KC 27: Young almost threw into coverage.  Could have been dangerous.

7:56 p.m.  Chiefs' 2nd Drive  11:37
Kansas City 6, Green Bay 3
Succop 48 yd FG

Bray at QB for KC.

The old Redskins countery trey play and it goes for 15 yards for Gray.  HUGE hole with running room all over the place after the first level.  There was no one on the second level waiting for him, either.

3rd-6 at GB 30: Coverage incompletion, as a late delayed rush forced an incompletion and nearly a sack.  Delayed middle LB blitz.

Uh oh.  Banjo hurt.

7:51 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  14:01
Young back in. 

Patience, Jonathan Franklin. You need to set up your blocks better on the screen pass.

Can Young run shotgun?  He can step up against blitzes, but inaccurate on a simple throw over the middle.

3rd-8: Young missed White again.  Too much.  "Just missed that one." - Larry McCarren. 

7:47 p.m.  Chiefs' 1st Drive  15:00 left in quarter
Wayne: "These inside linebackers, Lattimore, Francois, Manning...they've got some depth there."
Larry: "They've got a tough call to make."

3rd-9 at KC 20: GREAT downfield coverage by Smith...blanketed his guy.









1st Quarter

7:38 p.m.  Packers' 4th Drive  3:49
Coleman gets a second chance.  Can he rebound?

Van Roten and Lewis at guard, owning their guys to let a six-yard gain happen.  Both fighting for line orster spots.

3rd-1: Ross WIDE open and Coleman can't miss him.  Easy pitch and catch for a first down and 13 yards.  Easy.

Alex Green could do on a left side end run.  Chiefs had it more than diagnosed.

3rd-10 at GB 43: Coleman had to throw short or get sacked.  Walker came back for it, but a useless completion.

Credit Franklin for great special teams work.  He won't just make plays in the offense.

7:34 p.m.  Chiefs' 4th Drive  5:44
Green Bay 3, Kansas City 3
Succop 37 yd FG

Daniel SACKED in the red zone!  Johnny Jolly absolutely owned his guy, and so did Jordan Miller and Mike Neal.  A white and gold 3-man avalanche to possibly save a touchdown.

3rd-10 at GB 14: SACK No. 2!  This time Hyde off the corner having a conference call with Francois on Chase Daniel's carcass.

7:32 p.m.  Packers' 3rd Drive  6:34
B.J. Coleman in at quarterback now.  We'll probably see some shuffling between him and Vince Young.

Off the mark on his second throw to Ross.  Way wide.  Not how you win a No. 2 QB job.

Steps away from a blitz, but picked by Zombo.  Oh is this not so good for Coleman.  Is it just a No. 2 job or a roster spot slipping away?

7:25 p.m.  Chiefs' 3rd Drive  9:30
Neal and Daniels.  Beautiful run defense on first down. Pursuit and "root-hogging" as some old college coaches used to say.

I also like Mike Neal's rush on the first down throw by KC.  He absolutely owned KC's left tackle.

We'll see more pass rush thanks to a 2nd down false start.

ALMOST a pick by Jamari Lattimore.  That's the kind of play that guarantees you a roster spot.  Haunting.


7:21 p.m.  Packers' 2nd Drive  10:58
75 yards from paydirt.

Tyrone Walker slants for 14 yards.  Slant from the slot.  Alliteration and production.

3rd-5 at GB 44: Vince Young had a time with no chance to get outside and run for his life.

Larry: "Pocket overall was way too soft.

7:16 p.m.  Chiefs' 2nd Drive  12:53
Masthay this time bombs the ball far beyond the end line.  That one was heading toward the Gulf Coast.

Johnny Jolly comes in and pounds his blocker to help stuff the run, and Micah Hyde scooped up the goodies by forcing a TFL.

3rd-2 at KC 28: Francois with a first down-stopper.  Guys playing for their job.  


Per Larry McCarren: Coach Trgovac called Francois and Mike Daniels "the anger management twins."  Like it.

Micah Hyde return time...solid 12-yard return after a 54 yard punt. 

7:08 p.m.  Packers' 1st Drive  14:48
Green Bay 3, Kansas City 0
Crosby 48 yd FG

Lacy gets carry No. 1 with Vince Young at QB.  First carry: same problems on run blocking.  Bakhtiari didn't do his job.

He immediately left the field.

3rd-9 at KC 34: Young chose to try to scramble for a first down.  Naaaaaaaaaathin' doin.  Chiefs knew what was coming.

7:05 p.m.  Chiefs' 1st Drive  15:00 left in 1st quarter
What?  Arrowhead fans doing the FSU/Braves tomahawk chop?  Copycats.

Crosby booms it to the corner of the end zone   Perfect placement if you can't bomb it out of the end zone and near Arkansas.

Chase Daniel is your Chiefs starter.  His first throw: leaping pick by Tramon Williams, and they did it in your basic defense.  Nothing special.  Tramon is ready.







Pregame updates

7:03 p.m.
Pickett, Sitton and Williams are the Packers' captains for the coin flip.

Packers call heads...nope.  Tails.  They'll take the football.  Just the way the Packers want it for the 2nd half.

6:56 p.m.
This ain't Lambeau for a preseason game, folks.  As the Journal Sentinel's Bob McGinn reports:

How hot is it? Wayne Larrivee reports 91 degrees. Add the humidity..."in excess of 110," Wayne said.

However, as 620WTMJ's Jon Meerdink points out:

6:45 p.m.
More on who won't play tonight from the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

6:27 p.m.
McCarthy in exclusive interview w/Wayne Larrivee:

About running back situation: "We have plenty of offense.  You'll have Eddie Lacy, Jonathan Franklin, James Starks, Alex Green..we have plenty of ammunition."

On Mason Crosby and his need to still perform despite "winning the job."  It's important for Mason to perform well tonight."

On returns: "We'll start with Alex Green on kickoffs and Micah Hyde on punts."

On roster cuts: "We have more than 53 players that we're comfortable with."

On QB: "We'll start off with Vince, have Aaron go through Vince and B.J. as much as we can tonight."

That means no Rodgers planned for game action tonight.

6:10 p.m.
James Jones probably won't play much tonight.  He made sure, however, his high school alma mater would have enough equipment to play.

6:00 p.m.
Your inactives for the Packers tonight:
S Morgan Burnett
CB Jarrett Bush
CB Casey Hayward
LB Brad Jones
CB James Nixon

5:02 p.m.
TODAY'S TMJ4/NBC26 Packers voice Kevin Harlan is having his worlds collide during tonight's game.  Read his story.

Our Jeff Falconio gives three keys to tonight's game.

3:58 p.m.
Our Lance Allan is on the field already for Packers pregame TV.

3:17 p.m.
We're counting down to kickoff. So are Packers players.

What have they done since arriving in Kansas City? Their tweets and Instagrams reveal it.

12:13 p.m.
Roster cuts are looming after tonight's game.  Here's Wayne Larrivee's pick for the final 53.

12:12 p.m.
Hundreds of Packers are among the thousands of NFL players who are reportedly agreeing to settle a medical lawsuit with the NFL.  Check out the big price tag to the settlement.

10:58 a.m.
We may have a clue as to why the Packers were willing to bring Mason Crosby back.  He restructured his deal.

9:17 a.m.
We'll talk a lot today about the urgency of the moment for many Green Bay Packers.

Packers contributor Kelly Hodgson has written a must-read piece for our web sites about the journey of David Fulton and many like him who are playing for their football lives tonight, and how she's been present for the moments surrounding many Packers cutdown days.

Do some good to humanize tonight's game for you.  Check out: "And then there'll be 53 Packers."

Pregame story

The continuation of some Green Bay Packers' football careers will be decided tonight on a field in Kansas City when the Packers face the Chiefs.

For them, it's a world of opportunities if they make it (like Jermichael Finley should, but others may not).  

It's a dramatic shift in life path if they don't.

Scroll through the media gallery above to see who's on the 75-man roster entering tonight's game.

For others, it's a decision to come from GM Ted Thompson and Coach Mike McCarthy which involves whether players will start or sit down as a backup.

For still others, it's simply a time to hone their craft and improve 10 days before the games really count.

Tonight's game comes as a number of position battles reach their climax.

The most talked about may involve the man most feared to have a football in his hands on a regular basis, because it means Aaron Rodgers is injured - the backup quarterback.

We know after last week, it won't be this guy:

But after tonight, will it be one or the other of these two guys?

Is Mason Crosby's job truly secure at kicker, despite being the only one on the roster right now?

That's still a question because both kickers released by the Packers, Giorgio Tavecchio and Zach Ramirez, cleared waivers.

In other cases, the Packers are attempting to figure out who'll start at positions like offensive line, and whether they'll come together they way Aaron Rodgers and his running backs need this year.

There's also the question of the running back rotation after the move the Packers were forced to make this week in pre-emptively ending DuJuan Harris' season after injury.

The uncertainties of camp and the challenges of life that it brings moved one man competing for a job, 4th-round pick Jonathan Franklin, to take to Twitter for interesting thoughts.

Meanwhile, some players simply want to get out of this game without having to do push-ups in practice as punishment.

But the final week of training camp isn't just about preparing to fight for your football career or hone your craft.

For the Packers, it was about a team banquet...

...and for guys like Aaron Rodgers, it was about looking ruggedly patriotic there.

For the organization, it was time to celebrate a birthday of sorts.

For the man who runs the organization, it's a time to help focus people on something tons more important than anything on a football field.

Eventful week coming into today, huh?  For another take on it all, hear from Lance and Larry, Tracking the Pack.