Is Josh Freeman a good fit for the Packers?

Stephen O'Brien, Packers contributor

Josh Freeman (5) in a game against the Packers in 2009. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Is Josh Freeman a good fit for the Packers?

CREATED Oct. 5, 2013

Aaron Rodgers gets sacked. A lot.

Last year, Rodgers was sacked over 50 times.  The Green Bay Packers were fortunate that out of all these sacks, Rodgers remained relatively unscathed.

Against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 3, Rodgers took two very serious hits that looked like they could end his season.

One in particular was a helmet to the knee that could have caused catastrophic injury.

There are two measures that the Packers must look to rectify these issues.

Firstly, the Packers need to implement preventative measures. That is, improve the offensive line to stop giving up so many sacks.

Secondly, they have to have a contingency plan. They need a backup QB who they trust can come in if something does go wrong and finish out the game.

Could Josh Freeman be that QB?

Freeman had a good start to 2012 that had the Tampa Bay faithful singing his praises.

The former first-round pick was dominant for the first half of the season, only to run out of steam and let inconsistency creep into his game in the closing stages.

This should not be a problem should he join Green Bay.

Freeman would have the opportunity to sit behind Rodgers, learn the offense and start his season at the end of the regular season if the Packers have nothing to clinch and nowhere to fall in the playoff seedings.

Rodgers’ ability to post Madden-like scores would benefit the acquisition of Freeman.

A QB with a proven track record like Freeman could easily step in when the game goes to garbage time and close it out with confidence.

With Green Bay's defense showing its strength this season, especially in forcing turnovers, Rodgers could be protected by withdrawing from the game even earlier and allowing Freeman to ply his trade.

Freeman is a pocket passer. The Green Bay offensive style suits Freeman’s strengths.

Renowned for his talent at throwing the deep ball, Freeman would utilize the talent in the Green Bay receiving corp to benefit the Packers.

Freeman has never had an elite receiving corp of the Packers’ standards.  With the ability of players like Jones and Nelson to stretch the field and get downfield, you could see Freeman drop bombs into NFL secondaries should he be signed.

Freeman is not Vince Young, Graham Harrell or BJ Coleman.

This point might seem odd, but Freeman differs from all the QB's Green Bay released so seems to be what the Packers are looking for.

The three former back ups were not NFL ready, exhibited no star power except for Young and didn’t fit comfortably with the Packers offensive scheme.

Young was brought in to assist the Packers to get a handle on the read option and was never really a realistic back up.

On top of all this,Van Pelt has given his vote of confidence in the young QB already.

Freeman is better than the current backups.

Seneca Wallace is 33 and throughout his career, offensive coordinators didn’t know whether to use him as a QB or WR.

The 4th-rounder has had a limited career at QB and the jury is still out as to if he could realistically keep a season alive if Rodgers was injured.

Freeman is only 25 and is already into his 5th NFL season.

He could most certainly take charge of the Packers offense and if - heaven forbid - something ever happened to the Packers superstar, could even be molded into a potential successor to A-Rod.

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