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Golden Tate defends stance on “Fail Mary,” doesn’t care about what Packers fans feel

Tony Atkins, Packers contributor

M.D. Jennings, Golden Tate. Photo: Image by Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Golden Tate defends stance on “Fail Mary,” doesn’t care about what Packers fans feel

CREATED Aug. 23, 2013

GREEN BAY - It is no secret. The moment Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate comes out of the visiting tunnel tonight, he is going to be greeted an earful of boos from the Lambeau crowd. 

On this play, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson calmly took the fourth-down snap with eight seconds left on the clock. 
It was argued that the ball was intercepted by Packers safety M.D. Jennings. Ultimately, it was ruled a touchdown that won Seattle the game, 14-12. 
Over time, life went on. Both teams went about their respective seasons and achieved success. 
However, the discussion about the infamous call never went away. 
From speculation about the Packers’ playoff seeding had the call had gone their way, to authored books to just plain denial about the call being missed, “Fail Mary” has found a home in recent Packers dialogue over the past year, and rightfully so.
With the Friday night lights shining down on Lambeau this week, the Packers will have their shot at a rematch in what will be a dress rehearsal game for both teams. 
Basically this means we will get to see a lot of Golden Tate, who is still on record defending his touchdown.
Tate took to Twitter earlier this week and fanned the flames a bit. 
Surely, his mentions are probably filled with Packers fans referring to last season’s controversy, but he decided to joust back a bit by tweeting. When asked about what people thought of his public defense of the call, he just referred to it as doing his job.
“I don’t care what you think or what they think — catch or no catch,” Tate told the Seattle Times. “It is what it is. The referee called it a touchdown. I did my job. Point blank. End of story.”
Surely, this isn’t going to go over with Packers fans when he takes the field on Friday. Tate will look to have a big game and put this all behind him. 
On the opposite end of the ball, M.D. Jennings and the new-look secondary will get their first real action as they look for some form of redemption. 
This will be as good as preseason gets.

Tony Atkins contributes to the sports staff at TODAY'S TMJ4 and in many capacities at 620WTMJ. The senior at UW-Milwaukee also writes about the Packers at Acme Packing Company.