Tickets may be cheaper for home Packers games


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Tickets may be cheaper for home Packers games

By Katie Kozak. CREATED Sep 6, 2013

 GREEN BAY -- Getting a seat for game day at Lambeau Field may be a little cheaper this season compared to last.

According to ticket resale experts, the average ticket price this year is down more than $15 from last year. Ticket brokes say there's a lot of variables that could change the prices.

"Another thing that might have a bearing on the price decrease would be the addition of the 600 and 700 level seats at Lambeau Field. That could dilute the market because that's an additional 6,000 seats that are on the market," says broker Travis Loftus.

Resale experts also issue a warning every season: be careful who you buy from to avoid purchasing stolen or fake tickets.