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Bitter Blast and then a Weekend Warm Up

There will be lots of sunshine around the state Thursday as very cold air settles in with high temperatures mainly in the teens. This large, sprawling high pressure system will slip to the east Thursday night and start a warm-up this weekend. High temperatures hit thirty degrees in Milwaukee on Friday and will get into the forties early next week. The weather looks quiet through the weekend and early next week.

The jet stream over North America has been northwesterly at times and also westerly at times this past winter season. In chilly November the upper winds came from the northwest, and we were more than six degrees below normal in Milwaukee. The jet stream turned westerly in December and the month was mild and about five degrees above normal. January saw both westerly and northwesterly jet stream as times, and the month was tight around normal, with one chilly period.

During the month of February the jet stream was northwesterly all month, and that was the coldest month of the winter season. Monthly average temperatures were more than eleven degrees below normal. This month started out with a more northwesterly jet stream, explaining the chilly pattern of March through today.

There is evidence that the jet stream will go back to a more westerly position in the next few days and a major warm-up is expected across the state.

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