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Rain Develops. Changes to Snow, Monday

The forecast for the rest of your Sunday will be going downhill. The rain will start to develop in the mid- to late-morning hours and continue through the afternoon at times. It will stay in the form of liquid with highs in the low- to mid-50's. More rain will fall as we head through the night, tonight. It is possible we could end up with more than an inch of rain in some spots. Overnight lows will fall into the low-40's, so it will be a relatively mild night. Monday will be windy and cooling down as the day wears on. With this cooling, rain that will be falling will be changing over to snow, especially in the afternoon. We could see up to an inch of snow by the end of the day. This is a preliminary estimate as temperatures will be key to the changeover and snow amounts. Temps will start in the low-40's, but then will be falling through the 30's as the day wears on. Monday night, we'll have some light snow out there. The way it looks like right now, we could see another 1-2". That would bring us a total of 1-3" depending on how the snow sticks on the soggy, warmer ground. Here comes the chilly weather again with lows in the low-20's. Tuesday looks like we'll see another cold day. We could see a few flurries with highs only around 30. Wednesday, we'll have a chance of some light snow. Highs will top out in the mid-30's. As of the latest data, Thanksgiving will be cold. Highs that day will be in the mid-20's. There will be a slight chance of light snow or flurries that day. The cold will hang around late this week, right into next weekend. Highs will only top out in the low-30's.

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