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Teri Jendusa-Nicolai: In Her Own Words

Rachael Glaszcz

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Teri Jendusa-Nicolai: In Her Own Words

CREATED Oct. 25, 2013

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Almost 10 years ago, Teri Jendusa-Nicolai was viciously attacked by her ex-husband, David Larsen. He beat her with a bat, bound her, gagged her and put her in a garbage bin. Then he drove the bin to a storage unit facility in Illinois, and locked her in a unit.

Jendusa-Nicolai sat in that bin for 24 hours before police found her and rescued her. Doctors estimated she would've survived only another hour in the bin.

She lost all of her toes to frostbite, and over time, the rest of her physical wounds healed. 

She came on Wisconsin Tonight to share her remarkable story of survival. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence please reach out for help. Visit our Stop the Violence page for more information and resources: