Anime Milwaukee Convention

Anime Milwaukee Convention

     Anime Milwaukee is a convention that celebrates Japanese animation and Japanese culture, along with other similar interests. Anime Milwaukee began in 2007 and was founded by the Japanese Animation Association at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

     In 2011, the convention moved to the Hyatt Regency & Frontier Airlines Center in Milwaukee, which allowed for 24-hour programming. The convention is now run by the Entertainment and Cultural Promotions Society and is the largest anime convention in Wisconsin. In 2012, the Business Journal listed Anime Milwaukee as the 6th largest of all conventions held in Milwaukee.

     Anime Milwaukee is known for great events, such as industry guests, 24hr anime viewing rooms, fan and educational panels, 24hr gaming rooms and gaming contests, cosplay (costume play) contests and events, a Saturday night rave, children's area and events, a Lolita fashion show, the Hoshi No Yumé maid café, the Karaoke Madness show, and so much more.

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